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529 Possible Causes for Osteoporosis, Risk of Cancer Possibly Increased

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    Osteoporosis: a possible modifying factor in oral bone loss. Ann Periodontol. 1998;3(1):312–21.[] The lack therefore may indicate possible increase of cancer risk. [5] Research is often conflicting in this area. [1] Myofascial Trigger Points/Myalgia [2] Other potential[] ABSTRACT Indoor tanning has become increasingly popular over the past decades, despite evidence of an increased risk of melanoma and, possibly, nonmelanoma skin cancer.[]

  • Menopause

    Abstract We aimed to determine the protective effects against cerebral ischemia and osteoporosis of Morinda citrifolia extract in experimental menopause.[] Women who start menopause later also may have an increased risk of ovarian cancer, possibly because they have had more ovulations.[] Osteoporosis Calcium and vitamin D supplements — All postmenopausal women who have osteoporosis or are at risk of osteoporosis should take calcium and vitamin D supplements[]

  • Osteoporosis

    What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease in which your bones become weak and are more likely to break.[] There has been some recent concern about a possible 1 percent increased cancer risk with this medication, and it was reviewed by the FDA, which has kept it on the market while[] Possible increased risk of atrial fibrillation and oesophageal cancer (evidence currently inconclusive and suggests an association rather than cause) [ 7 ].[]

  • Hypogonadism

    Prevention of osteoporosis should be considered as an important part in future follow up of these men. 2017 American Society of Andrology and European Academy of Andrology[] Other possible risks of testosterone treatment include: A high red blood cell count Acne Breast enlargement An increase in prostate size Sleep apnea—the occasional stopping[] This disorder increases the risk for diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.[]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    […] of osteoporosis in male patients with RA.The aim of this study was to compare the frequency of osteoporosis between male patients with RA and healthy patients, and to identify[] risk of infection and possibly cancer Hypogammaglobulinemia Neutropenia Reactivation of hepatitis B IL-6 inhibitors ‡ Sarilumab 200 mg sc once q 2 wk Dosage can be reduced[] (In addition to increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, smoking may also make symptoms of RA worse.)[]

  • Vertebral Compression Fracture

    SFEs not be prescribed in patients with spinal osteoporosis.[] […] bone density 1-2% per year Effective in painful Vertebra l Fracture s Possible increased risk of cancer Silverman (2002) Osteoporos Int 13:858-67 [PubMed] Teriparatide ([] Men account for approximately one seventh of the vertebral compression fractures associated with osteoporosis.[]

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency

    The role of anti-RANK ligand (RANKL) antibody for osteoporosis on hepatitis in patients with aGHD is still unknown.[] , have not shown an increased incidence of cancers or of cardiovascular morbidity or mortality.[] Except for one study, all women received concurrent osteoporosis therapies.[]

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    With respect to the management of PMR/GCA, there are 3 significant areas of concern as follows: vasculitis process/vascular stiffness, malignancy, and osteoporosis.[] There may be an increased risk of vascular disease and possibly cancer in patients with PMR.[] Of the examined comorbidities, only osteoporosis prevalence increased within 3 years. GC use for 3 years was reported in one-fourth of all the patients.[]

  • Lumbar Compression Fracture

    It is seen in postmenopausal women and in the elderly due to osteoporosis but may also be associated with malignancies.[] […] bone density 1-2% per year Effective in painful Vertebra l Fracture s Possible increased risk of cancer Silverman (2002) Osteoporos Int 13:858-67 [PubMed] Teriparatide ([] This will aid in ruling in or out the more aggressive causes of osteoporosis.[]

  • Calcium Deficiency

    Abstract Calcium deficiency causes osteoporosis in experimental animals because the skeleton is sacrificed for the preservation of the plasma (ionic) calcium and to meet obligatory[] Some studies show that people who consume high amounts of calcium might have increased risks of prostate cancer and heart disease, but more research is needed to understand[] It is suggested that if all postmenopausal women ingested 1 g elemental calcium plus 400 U Vitamin D daily, skeletal calcium deficiency in osteoporosis would disappear as[]

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