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91 Possible Causes for Otalgia, Progressive Loss of Vision

  • Common Cold

    Age-related macular degeneration Researchers have suggested that both zinc and antioxidants delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and vision loss[]

  • Meniere's Disease

    As your Ménière’s progresses, your symptoms may change. Your hearing loss and tinnitus may become constant.[] Symptoms Ménière’s is a progressive disease, meaning it grows worse over time. It may start slowly with bouts of hearing loss. Vertigo may develop later.[] You might struggle all the time with balance and vision issues instead of having occasional bouts of vertigo.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    […] infection of the inner, middle and external ear characterised by herpetic blisters (small vesicles) of the skin of the external canal, pinna and/or the oral mucosa and severe otalgia[] Incidence increases with age Bacterial skin infection – secondary infection due to open skin lesion Ocular complications, including keratitis and vision loss Disseminated[] Other dystrophies may cause repeated episodes of pain without leading to permanent vision loss.[]

  • Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma

    […] and pain in the right nasopharyngeal region Follicular carcinoma with papillary foci Barrs (1979) 54 F Progressive loss of vision in the left eye Follicular thyroid carcinoma[] Follicular carcinoma of the thyroid Renner (1984) 61 F Profuse right unilateral epistaxis Follicular thyroid adenocarcinoma Chang (1983) 50 F Intermittent epistaxis, weight loss[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    We present an interesting case of a 14-year-old female with eight-weeks of bilateral otalgia, unilateral facial nerve palsy, decreased appetite, and fatigue refractory to[] […] problems fever weakness, often due to anemia unintended weight loss blood in the urine It can lead to a rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, a syndrome of the kidney that[] […] glucocorticoids can lead to remission at 6 months in 90% of patients Presentation Symptom/physical exam upper respiratory symptoms sinusitis (most common) recurrent otitis media otalgia[]

  • Temporal Arteritis

    It is critical to report any symptoms to your doctor and to receive early treatment in order to prevent serious problems, including permanent vision loss and stroke.[] Research Progress Research Progress Related to Giant Cell Arteritis Research on giant cell arteritis includes: Researchers studying possible causes of giant cell arteritis[] Research Progress Research on giant cell arteritis includes: Researchers studying possible causes of giant cell arteritis are investigating the roles of genetics and environment[]

  • Bullous Myringitis

    Bullous myringitis is manifested by moderately severe otalgia associated with vesicles on the tympanic membrane and medial external auditory canal wall.[] The vision loss has progressed to the point that if he looks directly at a book or an object he cannot make out what it is.[] Myringitis and tissue stretching typically cause severe, throbbing otalgia. As has been indicated above, BM is often associated with otitis media.[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    There was progressive weakening of the muscles, loss of vision, impairment of the cerebral functions, eventual paralysis, and, in some cases, coma and death.[]

  • Alstrom Syndrome

    He also had recurrent otitis with otalgia and otorrhea since early childhood,.[] Alstrom syndrome is characterized by a progressive loss of vision and hearing, a form of heart disease that enlarges and weakens the heart muscle (dilated cardiomyopathy),[] For more information, or to enroll in the trial click here: About Alström Syndrome Alström syndrome is characterized by a progressive loss of vision and hearing, a form of[]

  • Foster-Kennedy Syndrome

    Otalgia. Otolaryngol Clin North Am. 2003;36(6):1137-51. PMID: 15025013 Segel MJ, Godfrey S, Berkman N.[] A 36-year-old man presented to the emergency department because of gradual blurring of vision in his right eye over 20 days and progressive loss of vision in the left eye[]

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