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380 Possible Causes for Otalgia, spongy plaques on the pharyngeal mucosa, white

Did you mean: Otalgia, spongy, plaques, on the, pharyngeal, mucosa, white

  • Tonsillitis

    A 23-year-old white man with a history of over 20 episodes of tonsillitis in the preceding 2 years was admitted to our hospital because of cervical unilateral lymphadenopathy[] Neisseria gonorrhea may cause pharyngitis in sexually active persons.[] Abstract Lingual tonsillitis can cause various signs and symptoms including nocturnal or supine cough, constant discomfort in the throat, glossal pain, and otalgia.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    The symptoms of pharyngitis including high body temperature ( 40 º С), sore throat and white spots on the tonsils appeared for the first time at the age of two years.[] Pharyngitis usually precedes the pulmonary infection by about 1-3 weeks. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a rare cause of pharyngitis.[] Six clinical symptom scores, such as the severity of itchy throat, hoarseness, pain, odynophagia, cough and otalgia were evaluated in chronic pharyngitis patients after the[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Your tonsils may be swollen and have white spots on them. Scarlet fever - an illness that follows strep throat. It causes a red rash on the body.[] The manifestations of pharyngitis are variable, from mild discomfort at swallowing to exudative pharyngitis with high fever.[] […] presence of group A Streptococcus , the nanosponges successfully acted as decoys, preventing toxins from reaching cells important for defense against infection, such as white[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Initially clear secretions typically become cloudy white, yellow, or green over several days, even in viral infections.[] Symptoms included sore throat, laryngitis, cough, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, otalgia, and sinusitis.[] After AOM is diagnosed, judicious antibiotic use can be enhanced by further categorizing patients on the basis of illness severity (severe otalgia, otalgia lasting 48 hours[]

  • Pharyngeal Carcinoma

    For tonsil and base of tongue cancers, increasing trends were detected for white males only.[] Abstract Oral and pharyngeal cancers are the sixth most common cancers internationally.[] No other disease exists Presentation Epidemiology smokers drinkers Presentation hoarseness difficulty swallowing otalgia hemoptysis non-healing oral ulcer Treatment Diagnosis[]

  • Common Cold

    […] scientists serious illnesses sick Sinus infections someone sometimes sore throat substance called sure swollen temperature things tissue touch treat type of medication type of white[] Lozenges are dissolved in the pharyngeal region, thus there might be some difference in the effect of zinc lozenges on the duration of respiratory symptoms in the pharyngeal[] The majority were white and women; 80% were in the age range 20 to 50 years old. One third of the patients had allergies.[]

  • Peritonsillar Abscess

    White blood cell counts and C-reactive protein levels were not significantly different between patients with an abscess and those without.[] While most cases of acute pharyngitis are benign, a rare minority can be life threatening.[] Symptoms generally include fever, malaise, sore throat, dysphagia, and otalgia.[]

  • Acute Adenoiditis

    White blood cells White blood cells (WBCs) help the body fight infections. The main types of WBCs include lymphocytes, granulocytes, and monocytes.[] Acute infection of tonsillar remnant; Acute infective adenoiditis; Acute lingual tonsillitis; Acute tonsillitis; Acute ulcerative pharyngitis; Acute ulcerative tonsillitis[] Aural manifestations in Adenoids • Otalgia • Secretory otitis media • Acute otitis media • Atelectasis of TM • ET block • Chonic otitis media 11.[]

  • Otitis Externa

    Vinegar Rinses Rinse the ear canals twice a day with ½ strength white vinegar (dilute it with equal parts warm water).[] The EAC begins to form during week 8 of gestation, when the surface ectoderm of the first pharyngeal groove thickens and grows toward the middle ear.[] Clinical efficacy, in terms of otalgia, oedema, erythema and tenderness of the external auditory canal, was assessed before packing was applied and at follow up on the 3rd[]

  • Tongue Disease

    A sore or white tongue isn't usually serious and is often easily treated. Most should only last a short time.[] The disease called keratosis pharynges is a common problem when keratin grows at the pharynx. Keratin is the nail or hair protein.[] In viral pharyngitis the tissue is usually less red and swollen than is true of streptococcal pharyngitis, and it is less often covered by a whitish exudate (protein-rich[]

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