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181 Possible Causes for Ovarian Cyst, Spironolactone

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Menstrual cycles were therefore restored and the number of ovarian cysts reduced, suggesting that insulin and/or IGF-1, stimulators of theca cell proliferation, may be pathogenetic[] Moreover, AR, ADRB2, and OAZ3 might be targets of spironolactone, trimipramine, and L-ornithine in the treatment of obese PCOS. Copyright 2018 Elsevier B.V.[] Described are the etiology and possible symptoms of PCOS such as amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea, hirsutism, obesity, infertility, persistent acne, ovarian cysts, elevated triglycerides[]

  • Ascites

    KEYWORDS: Abdominal distension; Ascites; Case report; Giant ovarian cyst[] Cirrhotic patients who did not experience ascites mobilization with 500 mg spironolactone were then treated with a combined diuretic regimen that included spironolactone at[] We differentiate from ovarian cysts by the uniformity of the enlargement in ascites.[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Examples include irregular cycles and other menstrual problems, vasomotor symptoms, loss of bone mineral density, PMS, functional ovarian cysts, bleeding disturbances, or[] Table 2 Summary of findings for spironolactone versus placebo 3.3.2 Spironolactone versus Cimetidine Three trials compared spironolactone with cimetidine using different daily[] Our aim was to conduct a hybrid systematic review of the evidence for benefits and potential harms of oral spironolactone in the management of acne in adult females.[]

  • Abdominal Bloating

    […] and ovarian cysts Alvarez’s Syndrome: Bloating of unknown or psychogenic origin without excess of gas in the digestive tract Massive infestation with intestinal parasites[] ) , risedronate (actonel) , cefotetan , octreotide , vitamin k 1 (mephyton) , hydrochlorothiazide / spironolactone , midodrine , aprepitant (emend) and capecitabine (xeloda[] Disorders in urogenital organs in women like renal and ureteral stone, ectopic pregnancy, salpingitis, ovarian cyst torsion, acute cystitis, urinary infection, and painful[]

  • Familial Male-Limited Precocious Puberty

    Pelvic ultrasound is essential in gonadotrophin-independent precocious puberty (precocious pseudopuberty) to detect ovarian tumours or cysts.[] Deslorelin (4 microg/kg x day) treatment was initiated 2.6 /- 1.3 yr after beginning spironolactone and testolactone treatment.[] Ovarian cysts Ovarian tumors Leydig cell tumors Germ-cell tumors secrete hCG, These tumors occur in the gonads, brain (usually in the pineal region), liver, retroperitoneum[]

  • Mastodynia

    Certain medicines may also cause breast pain, including: Oxymetholone Chlorpromazine Water pills (diuretics) Digitalis preparations Methyldopa Spironolactone Shingles can[] […] cause non-cyclical mastalgia, including oral contraceptives, hormonal treatments, antidepressants (SSRIs) and some car-diac drugs such as digoxin (Lanoxin,Sig-maxin) and spironolactone[] […] mastitis A range of medications can cause non-cyclic mastalgia, including oral contracep-tives, other hormonal treatments, SSRIs and some cardiac drugs such as digoxin and spironolactone[]

  • Menopause Ovarian Disorder

    cysts have a different follow up schedule than simple cysts. fetal ovarian cyst paraovarian cyst ruptured ovarian cyst[] The most common oral anti-androgens used for hair loss are combination oral contraceptives such as Spironolactone or Dianette, but oral and topical solutions used together[] […] cycle, reduce excess hair growth and acne, and prevent the lining of the womb from thickening excessively medication to block hormones such as testosterone (for example, spironolactone[]

  • McCune-Albright Syndrome

    CONCLUSIONS: We demonstrate for the first time that voluminous fetal unilateral ovarian cysts may be suggestive of MAS.[] This often consists of a combination of spironolactone and testolactone. Alternative anti-androgens, such as ketoconazole, may also be used.[] In males, drugs such as spironolactone and flutamide can be used to treat the behavioral issues associated with androgen excess.[]

  • Heart Failure

    cyst 36,491 2,374 6.5 173 Menopausal disorders 9,602 654 6.8 Complications of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Puerperium 180 Ectopic pregnancy 20,948 784 3.7 182 Hemorrhage[] The trial was discontinued early, after a mean follow-up period of 24 months, because an interim analysis determined that spironolactone was efficacious.[] In this meta-analysis, we evaluated the effects of spironolactone on HFpEF.[]

  • Dyspareunia

    Ovarian cysts Ovarian cysts are very common and often produce no symptoms. However, if a cyst ruptures or bleeds, lower abdominal pain can occur.[] Metformin: Can help lower insulin levels, which impacts Insulin Resistance-related issues.8 Spironolactone and flutamide: These medications can block the action of male hormones[] Surgical Reversal of the scar Laparoscopy: excision of endometriosis, removal of ovarian cyst, adhesiolysis, removal of the fibroids, etc.[]

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