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28 Possible Causes for Overflow Incontinence, Unable to Stand

  • Paraplegia

    All individuals were unable to stand or walk independently or voluntarily move their lower extremities after their injuries.[] Retention of Overflow Bladder urine? incontinence? sensation? 7 8. Any bowel involvement? Bowel sensation Bowel Constipation? present or incontinence? absent?[] The definition of success pertaining to mortality and SCI will be assessed 30 days after TAAA repair, and ‘substantial SCI’ means that the patient is unable to stand without[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    Patients may be unable to stand or walk despite reasonable strength, especially when ophthalmoparesis or impaired proprioception is present.[]

  • Spinal Cord Injury

    For those who are comfortable while standing, special standing apparatus of work equipment may be considered.[] The study was carried out on acute SCI patients who were unable to walk without any physical assistance and both groups had the same amount of training.[] The patient is unable to do elevation activities as hip and knee are locked and all the elevation activities must be accomplished by pure push-up in the shoulder girdle.[]

  • Myelitis

    BACKGROUND: HHV7 reactivation has been occasionally reported as a cause of encephalitis or myelitis in transplant recipients, but to our knowledge it has never been associated with neurological disease in HIV-infected patients. We report a case of acute myelitis in an HIV-infected patient, with sustained HHV-7 DNA[…][]

  • Spinal Cord Transection

    Review Questions: Case 3Following surgical repair of a knife wound the patient is unable to stand or walk becausehe is unable to move or bear weight on his right leg.[] . • In aneurogenic bladder, such voiding doesn’t occur, potentially causing overflow urine leakage. Planned intermittent catheterization can reduce incontinence.[]

  • Subacute Transverse Myelitis

    Acute transverse myelitis is a rare manifestation of dengue infection. To the best of our knowledge, only 6 cases of acute transverse myelitis as a manifestation of dengue infection have been reported thus far. The present study described a case of acute transverse myelitis complicated with subacute thyroiditis[…][]

  • Acute Transverse Myelitis

    By the following day the weakness had progressed to a flaccid paraparesis of both lower limbs and she was unable to support herself in a standing position.[]

  • Spinal Epidural Abscess

    A spinal epidural abscess is a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection of the epidural space, due to its insidious onset and nonspecific symptoms of fever, back pain and malaise. The diagnosis is often delayed, and radiculopathy accompanied by severe disability or even paralysis are seen in severe stages of[…][]

  • Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    On admission, six months later he was markedly underweight, ketonuric, with muscle loss so marked he was unable to sit unaided and could not stand.[] These conditions can progress to overflow incontinence and urinary tract infections. Hyperglycemia alone also can cause increased urine production and incontinence.[]

  • Paraparesis

    I couldn’t stand longer than 20 minutes and I needed a cane to get around.[] He had erectile dysfunction and overflow incontinence requiring intermittent self-catheterization. He did not describe changes in his libido or hair growth.[] I had difficulty dressing myself and I was unable to continue the work which I had enjoyed doing.[]

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