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450 Possible Causes for Overlapping Fingers

  • Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia Type Al-Gazali

    1,2,3,4 / overlapping fingers - Epiphyseal anomaly - Flat cheek bones / malar hypoplasia - Frontal bossing / prominent forehead - Genu valgum - Hypertelorism - Joint / articular[] : - Type of inheritance: autosomal recessive External references: 1 OMIM reference - No MeSH references Very frequent - Autosomal recessive inheritance - Clinodactyly of fingers[]

  • Hepatoblastoma

    fingers, placentomegaly, and small thorax with 'coat-hanger' appearance of the ribs on chest X-ray.[] Trisomy 18, other trisomies [ 17 ] Trisomy 18: Microcephaly and micrognathia, clenched fists with overlapping fingers, and failure to thrive.[] At 37 weeks, the patient delivered a 2558 g female infant with characteristic facial features, webbed neck, thoracic deformity, abdominal wall defect, skin edema, overlapping[]

  • Trisomy 18

    fingers and general hypertonia, is presented.[] fingers, and congenital heart defects.[] […] view 39 KB version view 6 KB version An infant with trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), exhibiting characteristic facial features, short sternum, overlapping fingers with clenched[]

  • De Barsy Moens Diercks Syndrome

    She had thin, overlapping fingers and adducted thumbs, blue sclerae, cloudy corneas and myopia.[]

  • Congenital Abnormality

    Clenched hand with overlapping fingers is characteristically seen in Edwards syndrome. Heart-shaped, becornuate uterus, womb. Uterine abnormalities.[]

  • Ectrodactyly

    fingers and general hypertonia, is presented.[] […] having bilateral syndactyly, aplasia and hypoplasia of the foot digits, unilateral ectrodactyly of the left foot and a prominently dorsiflexed hallux, clenched hand with overlapping[]

  • Vitamin K Deficiency

    fingers, various cardiac abnormalities, and growth deficiencies.[] fingers Hypertelorism Upslanting palpebral fissures Microcephaly Cardiac abnormalities Distal digit hypoplasia (shortened pinkie fingers) Growth deficiency Also see my sections[] […] include epicanthal folds, flat nasal bridge, short noses, a variety of craniofacial abnormalities, neural tube defects, mental retardation, learning disabilities, long, thin overlapping[]

  • Hereditary Persistence of Alpha-Fetoprotein

    The second trimester fetal ultrasound scan revealed a female fetus with overlapping fingers in both han...[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Primary Microcephaly 12

    Clinical manifestations include INTRAUTERINE GROWTH RETARDATION; CLEFT PALATE; CONGENITAL HEART DEFECTS; MICROCEPHALY; MICROGNATHIA and clenched fists with overlapping fingers[]

  • Dincsoy-Salih-Patel Syndrome

    * Overlapping fingers * Widely spaced eyes * Widely spaced eyes Prevention - Dincsoy Salih Patel syndrome Not supplied.[] Overlapping fingers MedGen UID: 252954 • Concept ID: C1446712 • Acquired Abnormality A finger resting on the dorsal surface of an adjacent digit when the hand is at rest.[] […] dysgenesis) * Short limbs * Camptodactyly * Overlapping fingers * Flexion deformity * Ambiguous genitalia * Low pituitary hormone levels Causes - Dincsoy Salih Patel syndrome[]

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