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376 Possible Causes for Overlapping Toes

  • Warburg Sjo Fledelius Syndrome

    toes, clinodactyly, camptodactyly, arachnodactyly) and in neurologic disorders (spastic paresis and progressive motor neuropathy) [ 2 - 5 ].[] […] hairline, narrow forehead, short nose with prominent root, blepharophimosis, large ears, short prominent philtrum, and micrognathia), in skeletal deformities (hallux valgus, overlapping[]

  • Cloacal Exstrophy

    Brachymetatarsie – Brachymetatarsia or hypoplastic metatarsal is a condition in which there is one or more abnormally short or overlapping toes metatarsals.[]

  • Hammer Toe

    You can also use Foam Toe Spacers for corns between the toes, to prevent pressure between toes and help relieve pain of overlapping toes/toe drift and painful bunions.[] Brachymetatarsia (also called short toe) occurs when there is one or more abnormally short or overlapping toe, most commonly the fourth toe.[] The big toe can then overlap and crowd the smaller toes. arthritis. Arthritis in a toe joint can lead to hammertoe.[]

  • Pentasomy X

    toes, and separation between the first and the second toes.[] Toes are overlapping. The mouth often shows a cleft palate, a highly arched palate and dental abnormalities.[] […] round face, a low hairline, hypertelorism, epicanthus, a long philtrum, high-arched palate, short and webbed neck, small hands and feet, clinodactyly of the fifth fingers, overlapping[]

  • 10q22.3q23.3 Microdeletion Syndrome

    toe Delayed myelination Esotropia Cortical visual impairment Epileptic encephalopathy CNS hypomyelination Deep philtrum Precocious puberty Broad-based gait Myopathic facies[] Facial hypotonia Visual impairment Facial asymmetry Respiratory insufficiency Encephalopathy Myoclonus High forehead Telecanthus Anxiety Apnea Dolichocephaly Unsteady gait Overlapping[]

  • Foot Deformity

    Common digital deformities are underlaping toes, overlapping toes, flexed or contracted toes and mallet toes.[] Some of the most common congenital foot deformities include: Metatarsus adductus Clubfoot Calcaneovalgus Vertical talus Polydactyly Syndactyly Overlapping toes Treatment for[] Crossover toes : Damaged ligaments enable toes to drift out of position and cross over or under another toe. Typically, the second toe overlaps the big toe.[]

  • Nager Syndrome

    Apart from the overlapping toes and widely-spaced big toes, the lower limbs were unremarkable [D].[] toe Overlapping toes Overriding toes [ more ] 0001845 Polymicrogyria More grooves in brain 0002126 Posteriorly rotated ears Ears rotated toward back of head 0000358 Preauricular[] […] head circumference Small head circumference [ more ] 0000252 Midface retrusion Decreased size of midface Midface deficiency Underdevelopment of midface [ more ] 0011800 Overlapping[]

  • Hallux Rigidus

    Brachymetatarsia (also called short toe) occurs when there is one or more abnormally short or overlapping toe, most commonly the fourth toe.[] Reduces toe and foot discomfort. spreader can be used to reduce the effect of correct valgus, overlapping toes, relieve bunion pain and protect bunion.[] Claw toes affect the four smaller toes at the same time, causing the toes to curl downward.[]

  • XYY Syndrome

    toes.[] He had hypertelorism with innercanthal distance 3.5 cm (above 2SD), down-slanting palpebral fissures, flat midface and philtrum, low set ears, upturned nose and overlapping[]

  • Tel Hashomer Camptodactyly Syndrome

    toes * Narrow rib cage * Narrow hips * High arched palate * Prominent forehead * Asymmetrical face * Amyotrophy * Abnormal teeth positioning * Absent finger creases Causes[] The feet showed generalized brachydactyly, broad first toes, and overlap of second and third toes (Fig. 5).[] Wide set eyes * Long upper lip groove * Small mouth * Lordosis * Simian crease * Flat foot * Dislocated joints * Club foot * Webbed fingers * Short stature * Curved spine * Overlapping[]

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