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38 Possible Causes for Overriding Sutures

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis Type 10

    Neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis, a type of amaurotic family idiocy. Clinical and pathological study of four cases Ceróide-lipofuscinose neuronal, um tipo de idiotia amaurótica familiar: estudo clínico-patológico de quatro casos Luciano de Souza Queiroz I ; Joaquim N. da Cruz Neto II ; J. Lopes de Faria III I Faculdade de[…][]

  • Laceration

    We herein present a case with corneal overriding due to improper suturing of a full-thickness corneal laceration.[] Ultrasound biomicroscopy defined the wound edges thoroughly and confirmed the presence of corneal overriding.[] Six weeks after suture enhancement, the abnormal oval appearance of the cornea was absent and correct apposition of the corneal edges was seen on ultrasound biomicroscopy.[]

  • Microangiopathy

    On examination, she was found to have small anterior fossa with overriding of sutures, depressed nasal bridge, low set ears, pedal edema, skin fold at the nape of neck, widely[]

  • Congenital Upper Palpebral Retraction

    Recent reports suggest that the combination of horizontal eyelid tightening and Quickert sutures can be quite successful in involutional entropion.[] […] strip procedure), advancing the lower eyelid retractors, and, when needed, the creation of a full-thickness eyelid scar to prevent the preseptal orbicularis muscle from overriding[]

  • Secondary Entropion

    Sutures are placed deep into the fornix. A 5-0 suture double armed curved needle is preferred.[] After injection of anesthetic, eversion of eyelid margin occurs secondary to a laxity of the previously overriding portion of the orbicularis.[]

  • Entropion

    Again this is performed with the thought that overriding anterior lamella is responsible for the entropion.[] Sutures are placed deep into the fornix. A 5-0 suture double armed curved needle is preferred.[] […] are placed to stabilize the tarsus, evert the lower eyelid, and decrease orbicularis override.[]

  • Rasmussen Syndrome

    His fontanelles were closed and there were no overriding sutures. Vision and hearing were intact but speech is incoherent and his words were not clear.[]

  • Cephalhematoma

    Limited by the suture line 2. May be bilateral 4. An underlying skull fracture usually 3. Across the mid line and across suture lines linear not depressed.. 4.[] Molding of the head and overriding of the 5. Swelling is usually not visible until several parietal bones. hours of birth 5. Present at birth 6.[]

  • Retinal Hemorrhage

    Extreme molding, cephalohematoma and overriding sutures, common findings after “normal” deliveries, are testament to the forces involved.[]

  • Acrocallosal Syndrome

    He had bilateral cleft lip and palate, a large anterior fontanelle extending down his forehead, overriding coronal sutures, and small ears with uplifted lobes (fig 1A).[]

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