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559 Possible Causes for P Mitrale

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  • Left Atrial Hypertrophy

    P-wave amplitude in limb leads Figure 1. The contour of the normal P-wave, P mitrale and P pulmonale.[] This is seen as a notch in the P wave and occurs when the left atrium is markedly enlarged, such as in mitral valve stenosis .[] P Mitrale – Left atrial abnormality / overload Abstract: P mitrale is the wide and notched P wave of left atrial overload (left atrial abnormality), typically seen in lead[]

  • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

    P mitrale – Left atrial enlargement (P mitrale) may develop beacuse LVH affects the hemodynamics of the left atrium. Left axis deviation – is common in LVH.[] In addition to the dramatic T waves, he also has P waves suggestive of “P mitrale”, or left atrial enlargement.[] […] wave in lead II prominent terminal negative component to P wave in lead V1 (shown here) See also - mitral stenosis .[]

  • Mitral Valve Disease

    Mitral reintervention did not differ between mitral repair and replacement (cumulative risk of reoperation, 27% vs 15%; P .64).[] The 2-year freedom from recurrence of significant mitral regurgitation was significantly higher in the FB group than the SR group (p   0.002).[] .011), posterior leaflet prolapse (HR 1.075; 95%CI 1.023-1.130; P .009), and posterior leaflet thickening (HR 3.368; 95%CI 1.265-8.968; P .015) with progression of mitral[]

  • Coarctation of the Aorta

    Significant predictors identified from multivariate analysis were as follows: Z score for the ascending aorta diameter of -2 or less (P .001), Z score for the mitral valve[] Fetuses with CoA presented with a narrower, but not shorter, left ventricle when compared with controls (mitral valve diastolic diameter, 5.90 vs 8.50 mm; P   0.002; left[] Mean mitral valve diameter z score was lower (P 0.001) and the mean tricuspid valve diameter z score was higher in fetuses with CoA than in those without CoA (P 0.01).[]

  • Mitral Valve Stenosis

    P waves in several or many leads with a prominent late negative component to the P wave in lead V 1 , and may also be seen in mitral regurgitation , and, potentially, any[] Mild mitral regurgitation was also more frequent in patients with AF (71%vs 51%, p 0.03).[] Our primary aim was to characterize the signal-averaged P-wave in mitral valve stenosis.[]

  • Mitral Valve Insufficiency

    .  Electrocardiography: P mitrale is broad, notched P waves in several or many leads with a prominent late negative component to the P wave in lead V1, and may be seen in[] Electrocardiography [ edit ] P mitrale is broad, notched P waves in several or many leads with a prominent late negative component to the P wave in lead V 1 , and may be seen[] MVP was more cost effective than MVR (18,050 USD or 20,430 Euro versus 24,824 USD or 28,097 Euro, p 0.001).[]

  • Endocardial Fibroelastosis

    He had P mitrale and ST changes on ECG (Fig. 4A), septal thickness of 22 mm (4B), LVEF 65%, biatrial enlargement (4C) and a grade III diastolic dysfunction (4D).[] Endocardial Fibroelastosis Monica P. Revelo, MD, PhD Gross specimen shows left ventricle with white opaque thickened endocardium and flat trabeculae.[] Winberg , Pure congenital mitral stenosis due to fibro-elastosis. Cardiologia 21 , 574 (1952). PubMed Google Scholar Maxwell, G. M. and W. P.[]

  • Giant Left Atrium

    After mitral valve replacement, left atrium mean diameter was significantly decreased in Group A from 8.1 /- 1.3 mm to 6.2 /- 1.6 mm ( p 0.01).[] The cardiothoracic ratio decreased from 74.8 /- 8.3% to 62.8 /- 9.0% (P 0.01) and the vital capacity of the lungs increased from 71.1 /- 18.0% to 82.9 /- 22.2% (P 0.01).[] A giant left atrium in patients with mitral stenosis obstructs venous return at the IVC orifice by marked displacement of the atrial septum toward the right atrium.[]

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease

    Females had greater burden of exercise intolerance than males (26.8% NYHA classes III-IV versus [vs] 13.8%, p 0.01).[] (30.4% vs. 19%, p 0.001).[] […] less experience (p 0.01).[]

  • Left Atrial Ball Valve Thrombus

    ECG Right ventricular hypertrophy: tall R waves in V1–V3 P mitrale or atrial fibrillation Chest X-ray Enlarged LA and appendage Signs of pulmonary venous congestion Echocardiogram[] Left atrial Abnormality of P wave with a divot(double bump mitral).[] Conradie C, Schall R, Marx JD (1993) Echocardiographic study of left atrial thrombi in mitral stenosis. Clin Cardiol 16(10):729–731. Google Scholar 9.[]

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