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11,024 Possible Causes for Pain

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    AZO Urinary Pain Relief relieves pain, burning and urgency fast.[] Pain: Pelvic pain and rectal pain is observed in women and men suffering from UTI respectively. Treatment of UTI depends on the extent of the infection.[] Older kids may have a fever, have pain when peeing, need to pee a lot, or have lower belly pain. Kids with UTIs need to see a doctor.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    Symptoms of prostate cancer may include Problems passing urine, such as pain, difficulty starting or stopping the stream, or dribbling Low back pain Pain with ejaculation[] These include: blood in the urine persistent back pain fatigue unexplained weight loss painful or frequent urination These symptoms are associated with malignant cancer of[] pain and yellowing of skin – due to liver metastasis Coughing and chest pain - spread of cancer cells to the lungs Seizures, headaches – signals brain involvement Weight[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    She was then treated with a short “burst” of oral prednisone for the tonsillar pain and hypertrophy.[] Seek medical attention when you have ear pain. Oral Pain Relievers/Fever Reducers Acetaminophen (Tylenol ) - for pain/fever. Comes in 325 or 500 mg tablets.[] Pain that improves with non-prescription pain reliever (e.g. acetaminophen, ibuprofen) GET MEDICAL CARE IMMEDIATELY if you have headache with: Blurred vision Dizziness Nausea[]

  • Insect Bite

    The Schmidt Pain Index reads like a sommelier’s diary.[] 8 to 10: Severe pain Severe pain 5 to 7: Moderate pain Moderate pain 1 to 4: Mild pain Mild pain Has the pain lasted for more than 8 hours?[] The bullet ant owns the title of earth’s most painful insect bite. It feels like being shot with a gun (hence the name), and the pain can last for 12 hours.[]

  • Sinusitis

    Which sinuses are causing your pain?[] Allergies can make sinus pain worse.[] Some of the most common symptoms of sinusitis are pain, tenderness, nasal congestion, and headache.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    When a patient complains of abdominal pain, the various causes of an acute abdomen or referred pain should be considered.[] Other symptoms include: Abdominal pain or cramping Nausea Vomiting Fever (if child’s fever is over 104 F at any time, call immediately.)[] Common symptoms include: – Abdominal pain – Diarrhea – Nausea and vomiting – Chills, clammy skin, or sweating – Fever – Joint stiffness or muscle pain – Poor feeding – Weight[]

  • Sunburn

    The pain is often so intense that even a thin layer of clothing touching the skin can cause pain.[] Ibuprofen for Pain: For pain relief, give an ibuprofen product (such as Advil). Start this as soon as you can. Give every 6-8 hours.[] Sunburn blisters are uncomfortable and can even be extremely painful and itchy.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    […] faucitis , pain; pharynx , pain; throat , pharynx; pain , Sore throat, NOS , pain; throat (symptom) , sore throat; (symptom) Portuguese DOR DE GARGANTA , Dor de Garganta ,[] Efficacy Endpoints: Primary Endpoints: resolution of pain within 24 hours; resolution of pain within 48 hours; mean time to pain relief, mean time to resolution of pain Secondary[] , [D]Throat pain (context-dependent category) , Sore throat symptom NOS , [D]Throat discomfort , throat pain (symptom) , sore throat (symptom) , sore throat , throat pain[]

  • Influenza

    In pregnant women, always consider pulmonary embolus (chest pain, tachypnoea and tachycardia) and pre-eclampsia (epigastric pain, headaches and elevated blood pressure).[] Resting, drinking plenty of fluids, and avoiding exertion can help, as can taking pain relievers, decongestants, and sometimes antiviral drugs.[] Some antiviral drugs may be used if needed along with painkillers to relieve headaches and muscle pain.[]

  • Appendicitis

    According to, here are some possible symptoms of appendicitis: - Aching pain that begins near your navel and shifts to the lower-right abdomen - Pain that becomes[] People who have a rupture appendix may feel less pain for a short time, but the pain will soon become worse than before and likely cause sickness.[] In around 50% of cases there are other symptoms, including: Dull or sharp pain anywhere in the upper or lower abdomen, back or rectum. Painful urination .[]

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