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  • Neurosurgical Procedure

    A matched-pair analysis has been performed to compare long-term clinical outcomes in patients with and without the DC technique applied.[] The experience consists of the stereoscopic 360 degree OZO camera live stream with spatial audio, complemented by interactive microscope and graphics overlays.[] The MAS score, ATRS and PSFS before and after the operations were compared by using the paired samples t -test and Wilcoxon's signed-rank matched-pairs test.[]

  • Situs Inversus

    Images were assessed non-stereoscopically on a computer screen by the same ophthalmologist for presence of CRAs, TDs or SI.[] Information gathered from 35-year-old monozygotic (MZ) female twin pair discordant for this condition is presented.[] CASE REPORT: The pair for pre-dialysis kidney transplantation included a 68-year-old mother and 34-year-old daughter at low immunological risk.[]

  • Papilledema

    PURPOSE: To derive a computerized measurement of optic disc volume from digital stereoscopic fundus photographs for the purpose of diagnosing and managing papilledema.[] Abràmoff, “Quantitative Evaluation of Papilledema from Stereoscopic Color Fundus Photographs,” Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 53(8), 4490–4497 (2012).[] Stereoscopic fundus photo of ONHD. Abnormal trifurcation is noted, as well as dark appearance deep in the peripapillary tissue. • B-scan Ultrasonography.[]

  • Trimeresurus Flavoviridis

    English and French pair due to improved searching).[] The integrative function of the tectum in regard to infra-red perception was also discussed, as well as the possibility of stereoscopic perception.[] The KA/KS values of the coding regions for pairs of pgPLA la and pgPLA lb or pgPLA 2b and of pgPLA la and BP-I or BP-II are close to 1, and those for pairs of pgPLA lb 0.5kb[]

  • Triamcinolone

    Outcomes were compared using Student's t test for paired samples.[] Stereoscopic color fundus photography to examine the back of the eye. The pupils are dilated with eye drops to allow examination and photography of the back of the eye.[] RESULTS: The mean logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution (logMAR) best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) at baseline improved significantly (from 0.489 to 0.294 12 months) (paired[]

  • Specific Phobia

    METHODS: Using a two-phase design 4,662 twin-pairs were screened in the first phase and 854 pairs were assessed in the second phase by maternal-informant diagnostic interview[] Learning theories In the classic conditioning theory, it is believed that a previous neutral stimulus is paired with an aversive stimulus that elicits a strong fear or emotional[]

  • Myopia

    RESULTS: Intrapair correlations for spherical equivalent in all twin pairs were significantly higher in MZ twin pairs r   0.539 (p 0.05, 95% CI -0.587-0.222).[] We study how refractive error affects vergence-accommodation interactions in stereoscopic displays.[] A pair of 11-year-old twins presented with poor distance vision in both eyes.[]

  • Esotropia

    D movies stereoscopically.[] We present two pairs of identical male twins with mirror-image astigmatism and esotropia.[] PURPOSE: To report the occurrence of mirror image congenital esotropia and concordant hypermetropia in a pair of monozygotic twins.[]

  • Myiasis

    As essential olfactory organs, antennae of these adult hippoboscids were examined using stereoscopic and scanning electron microscopes.[] C. anthropophaga was identified by paired mouth hooks (toothed, spade-like, oral hooklets) and 2 posterior spiracles, which lack a distinct chitinous rim.[] The stereoscopic microscope and transmission electron microscope were used for morphological observation.[]

  • Ambiguous Genitalia

    An XX pair of chromosomes means that the baby is female. An XY pair means that the baby is male.[] This system projects stereoscopic images on three walls and the floor of a small 'room', allowing several viewers to see a 3D 'hologram' of the data being visualized.[] Humans have 46 chromosomes in each cell of their body, or 23 pairs.[]

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