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78 Possible Causes for Pallor, Pelvic Hematoma

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    There were 87.8% patients was had pallor, 9.4% were admitted with features of shock. Cervical motion tenderness (82.2%) was the most frequent sign.[] Pallor. Abdominal distension. Enlarged uterus. Tachycardia and/or hypotension. Shock or collapse.[]

  • Leaking Aortic Aneurysm

    We present a case of an 82-year-old lady with recurrent neck swelling and a history of intermittent stridor who subsequently developed a contusion over her lower neck and upper chest. The patient collapsed on her way to have a CT scan and died 24 hours later of a leaking aortic aneurysm. At initial presentation[…][]

  • Postpartum Hemorrhage

    ., palpitations, dizziness, hypotension, tachycardia, weakness, pallor).[] Concealed pelvic hematomas with ongoing blood loss may also be masked initially.[] CASE REPORT: We describe a 28-year-old woman who presented with secondary PPH accompanied by bleeding from gums, marked pallor, hematemesis, ecchymotic and purpuric spots[]

  • Splenic Rupture

    Pain in the upper left abdominal quadrant, hypotension, pallor, tachycardia and abdominal distention are main symptoms.[] Following the CT, the radiologist immediately called with preliminary results concerning for splenic laceration and hematoma with hemorrhagic abdominal and pelvic ascites[] In the presence of severe anemia with pallor and abdominal distension, particularly in the context of a difficult birth, an abdominal ultrasound must be urgently performed[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage

    Contrast computed tomography (CT) revealed an extensive abdominal-pelvic, retroperitoneal hematoma extending approximately 15 cm in length from above L5 cephalad to below[] Surgery After blunt trauma, selected retroperitoneal hematomas in the lateral perirenal and pelvic areas do not require operation and should not be opened if discovered at[] […] vein ligation, 1 removal of hematoma, and 1 repair of iliac vein, thrombectomy, and endovascular stent placement.[]

  • Hypovolemic Shock

    Excessive perspiration Vomiting Symptoms Symptoms may include: Anxiety or agitation Cool, clammy skin Confusion Decreased or no urine output General weakness Pale skin color (pallor[] […] in the left retroperitoneal space and pelvic cavity.[] This is most easily detected in the skin as central pallor, peripheral cyanosis, and sluggish capillary return.[]

  • Bleeding from an Ectopic Pregnancy

    Signs General examination: Rapidly developed shock, with pallor, sweating, air hunger, rapid thready pulse and hypotension.[] […] pain Bruising, hematoma, possible accompanying injuries Painless vaginal bleeding Differential diagnosis Findings PCOS Amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, as well as breakthrough[] […] pain that worsens before the onset of menses Dysmenorrhea, premenstrual or postmenstrual bleeding Dyspareunia Infertility Trauma (e.g., foreign body, sexual abuse) Pelvic[]

  • Gunshot Wound

    Observing the pallor, the upturned eyes, the gasping respiration, and the total unconsciousness, I, with uplifted hands, exclaimed, 'My God, Swaim![] Pelvic CT scan revealed hematoma in the bladder and bullet fragments; however, no more associated injury was detected.[] Then, we diagnosed as non-penetrating wound through pelvic cavity and penetrating wound, entered from femoral region through lower leg.[]

  • Volvulus

    Figure 4: Axial CT scan of pelvic objectifying moderately abundant hemoperitoneum at the Dougla’s pouch.[] […] objectifying an abnormal topography of jejunum and radial aspect of the mesenteric vessels in favor of a volvulus of the jejunum which is site of an extensive intramural hematoma[]

  • Hemoperitoneum

    Significant findings on clinical examination were marked pallor, gross abdominal distension with doughy feel, and forniceal fullness on vaginal examination.[] […] formed by the intra-pelvic medial migration of the K wire.[] The general examination was normal except for pallor, and his hemodynamic parameters were stable with a blood pressure of 110/80 mmHg, pulse of 70/min, and O2 saturation of[]

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