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28 Possible Causes for Pallor, Retroviridae

  • Leukemia

    Retroviridae have been isolated from leukemic cells and malignant lymphomas, in numerous animal species and humans.[] Physical examination reveals pallor and multiple ecchymoses on his arms, legs, and trunk.[] Over 50% of children with leukaemia have palpable livers, palpable spleens, pallor, fever or bruising on diagnosis.[]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Retroviridae ICTVdB - The Universal Virus Database, developed for the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) by Dr Cornelia Büchen-Osmond, is written in DELTA[] Infectious agent of HIV infection and AIDS Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) types 1 and 2 are members of the family Retroviridae .[] Army Medical Research and Materiel Command: Additional relevant MeSH terms: Layout table for MeSH terms HIV Infections Lentivirus Infections Retroviridae Infections RNA Virus[]

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    This may be associated with dependent rubor in the feet and pallor of the hands.[] […] are not mutually exclusive, but autonomic manifestations include the following: orthostatic intolerance, NMH, POTS, delayed postural hypotension, lightheadedness, extreme pallor[] Other common signs and symptoms of orthostatic intolerance are fatigue, a feeling of weakness, intolerance of low-impact exercise, nausea, abdominal pain, facial pallor, nervousness[]

  • Anemia of Infection

    […] related to the above mentioned families. [1] Taxonomy [ edit ] There are five families in this order: Family Belpaoviridae Family Metaviridae Family Pseudoviridae Family Retroviridae[] Some of the most common symptoms are: General feeling of tiredness or weakness (fatigue) Lack of energy Pale skin (pallor) Dizziness Headaches Other signs and symptoms that[]

  • Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

    General examination showed pallor and pitting pedal and scrotal edema.[]

  • Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

    […] among HIV children were investigated Additional relevant MeSH terms: Layout table for MeSH terms HIV Infections Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis Warts Lentivirus Infections Retroviridae[] Skin biopsy of a macular lesion revealed epidermal acanthosis with vacuolated keratinocytes presenting blue-gray pallor, arranged in clusters at the granular and upper spinous[] […] genomes of some of the Retroviridae (e.g., tat, rev, nef, vpr, vpu, vif, and vpx ), which are thought to adapt the virus to the host cell.[]

  • Tonsillitis

    "Retroviridae". ViralZone. SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Retrieved 2015-10-03. a b c d e f g h "Orthomyxoviridae". ViralZone.[] Preferred sites are the armpits, the groin and the cheeks, while the mouth-chin-triangle remains free (perioral pallor or milk mustache ).[] There are seven positive single-stranded RNA families: three non enveloped (Astroviridae, Caliciviridae and Picornaviridae) and four enveloped (Coronoviridae, Flaviviridae, Retroviridae[]

  • Oral Candidiasis

    Stomatognathic Diseases, Virus Diseases, RNA Virus Infections, Retroviridae Infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Viral Picture & text from CDC/PHIL.[] Oral Manifestations of Select Systemic Conditions Clinical presentation Associated condition* Oral manifestation Comments Mucosal pallor and atrophy Anemia Mucosal pallor;[] Oral findings of anemia may include mucosal pallor, atrophic glossitis, and candidiasis.[]

  • Paraparesis

    Keywords: Tropical spastic paraparesis Spinal cord diseases Anesthesia Retroviridae. 2011 Sociedad Colombiana de Anestesiología y Reanimación. Published by Elsevier.[] Mild pallor of fasciculus gracilis at cervical levels was noted, as was mild pallor in the posterior spinocerebellar tracts.[] There is diffuse myelin pallor of crossed and uncrossed corticospinal tracts.[]

  • Cytomegalovirus Retinitis

    Drug Administration Schedule Cytomegalovirus Retinitis Prodrugs Additional relevant MeSH terms: HIV Infections Retinitis Cytomegalovirus Retinitis Lentivirus Infections Retroviridae[] (b) At 3 months' follow-up, the retinitis resolved leading to optic disc pallor, arteriolar attenuation, and mild pigmentary changes at the superotemporal fundus Click here[] Mild optic disc pallor is noted. OS -- Normal macula, vessels, and periphery. Figure 1: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis, OD.[]

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