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69 Possible Causes for Palpitations, Pulsatile Liver

  • Aortic Valve Insufficiency

    People with more severe aortic regurgitation may notice heart palpitations, chest pain, fatigue, or shortness of breath.[] liver) Gerhardt's sign (enlarged spleen) Duroziez's sign (systolic and diastolic murmurs heard over the femoral artery when it is gradually compressed) Hill's sign (A 20[] […] loss and appetite suppressant medications Symptoms of aortic insufficiency include: Shortness of breath with activity Exercise intolerance Lightheadedness Chest pain Heart palpitations[]

  • Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

    We herein report the first case of AS associated PAH in a 27-year-old Taiwanese man with a chief complaint of intermittent palpitations lasting for two years.[] Jugular venous distension and hepatomegaly occur with heart failure, sometimes causing a pulsatile liver later in the disease state.[] This in turn can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, and chest pain.[]

  • Ascites

    The intra-pericardial paraganglioma is very rare and most of them present with hypertension or palpitations.[] Heart failure - distended jugular veins, palpable thrills and murmurs, enlarged & pulsatile liver; constrictive pericarditis - pulsus paradoxus c.[] […] ovarian cysts, except those of enormous size, the enlargement is irregular, and there is nearly always a history of menstrual derangement, with an absence of cardiac or palpitating[]

  • Cardiac Amyloidosis

    He had his last visit to the local physician three days prior to admission when he had palpitation and was prescribed digoxin in addition to the usual medicine.[] liver and 1 bilateral lower extremity pitting edema.[] The usual cardiac symptoms noted in patients with amyloidosis include dyspnea, peripheral edema, and palpitations secondary to arrhythmias.(1) Chest pain secondary to myocardial[]

  • Atrial Myxoma

    There was no history of chest pain or palpitation. ECG showed normal sinus rhythm. All blood investigations were normal.[] Hepatomegaly was present, with the pulsatile liver palpated 6 cm below the right coastal margin, there was ascites and bowel sounds were present and normoactive.[] […] of left atrial myxoma with concomitant classical Hodgkin's lymphoma in a 36-year-old woman with a non-significant medical history and 4 months of progressively worsening palpitations[]

  • Heart Valve Disease

    Additionally, approximately a third of the cases experience palpitations following emotional stress.[] liver Prominent V waves and rapid y descents in jugular venous pressure [18] Inspiratory third heart sound at left lower sternal border (LLSB) [18] Blowing holosystolic murmur[] Aortic Valve Disease Heart Chest pain Feeling faint or fainting with exertion Shortness of breath Fatigue Heart palpitations Heart murmur Rheumatic fever Hypercholesterolemia[]

  • Eisenmenger Syndrome

    The reversal of the shunt leads to cyanosis, as well as shortness of breath, coughing up blood, reduced exercise tolerance, syncope (fainting), palpitations, and atrial fibrillation[] A third heart sound as well as hepatosplenomegaly or a pulsatile liver occur with right heart failure. 4.2.[] Complaints of change in exercise tolerance or any associated shortness of breath, chest pain, or palpitations, especially with activity, should be reported to the doctor for[]

  • Pulmonary Hypertension

    Initial symptoms include dyspnea, fatigue, syncope, chest pain, palpitations and pedal edema.[] The signs of right ventricular failure include a high-pitched systolic murmur of tricuspid regurgitation, hepatomegaly, a pulsatile liver, ascites, and peripheral edema.[] Initial symptoms include dyspnea, syncope, chest pain, palpitations and pedal edema.[]

  • Ebstein Malformation

    At autopsy of a young man with a history of palpitations’ and dyspnoea followed—before his death—by cyanosis, cardiomegaly and systolic murmur, the Berlin based doctor described[] The symptoms of right heart failure like pulsatile liver, ascites, raised jugular venous pulse are all seen in the patients.[] An episode of SVT may cause palpitations (older children may feel your heart racing).[]

  • Cor Pulmonale

    Fatigue Failure to thrive/weight loss Dizziness Syncope Dyspnea on exertion Exercise intolerance Chest pain (secondary to RV ischemia) Palpitations Hemoptysis Hemoptysis is[] liver, a loud pulmonic component of the 2nd heart sound, or evidence of venous thrombosis.[] CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS • Palpitation • Atypical chest pain • Swelling of the lower extremities • Dizziness and even syncope 36. DIAGNOSIS• HISTORY COLLECTION 37.[]

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