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426 Possible Causes for Pancreatic Pain, Slurred Speech, Vomiting

  • Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas

    Venous thrombosis open link of the superficial or deep veins, as well as vomiting, may also occur.[] Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cysts include**: pain abdomen (up under ribs) . back (just below the shoulder blades) pancreatitis (i.e.[] This can cause nausea, vomiting, and pain that tend to be worse after eating.[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    In chronic alcoholics without abdominal pain serum amylase and lipase were abnormally high in 10 subjects (14%) but serum pancreatic isoamylase in only 7 (10%).[] Symptoms range from changes in behavior to severe hypothermia, vomiting, altered consciousness, coma, and respiratory insufficiency that may be fatal.[] speech gait disturbances blackouts coma Evaluation Blood alcohol level Treatment Pharmacologic nutritional - in chronic alcoholics or if you suspect deficiency thiamine must[]

  • Pancreatitis

    The most common symptom of acute pancreatitis or pancreas pain is abdominal pain . Almost everybody with acute pancreatitis experiences abdominal pain.[] Day 1 postoperatively the patient started to suffer vomiting episodes and the abdomen was distended.[] We report a case of a patient presenting with right arm weakness, slurred speech, and altered mental status in the setting of acute on chronic pancreatitis.[]

  • Ethanol

    (severe) Diarrhea Liver problems, including jaundice (yellow skin) and bleeding Nausea Pancreatitis (nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain) Vomiting, sometimes bloody Other[] Measurable cognitive impairment occurs at a blood alcohol level of about 0.05%, gait disturbances at 0.10%, slurred speech at 0.15%.[] Other symptoms may include stupor, nausea, mental excitement or depression, vomiting, flushing and coma.[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    In some rare cases, pancreatitis – a painful inflammation of the pancreas – may occur.[] Important clinical features recorded were circulatory failure, breathlessness, profuse sweating, vomiting, local oedema and convulsion.[] You may have experienced a scorpion sting if you notice: • Sensitive Skin • Local Burning Pain • Slurred Speech • Breathing Problems • Body-Wide Numbness[]

  • Islet Cell Tumor

    […] that are causing symptoms such as pain, particularly when they have metastasized to the bone.[] She complained of nausea, vomiting, and growing abdominal mass.[] […] can cause digestive problems and poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients Other symptoms Abdominal pain Jaundice, which is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes Vomiting[]

  • Insulinoma

    A prospective randomized comparison of endoscopic ultrasound- and computed tomography-guided celiac plexus block for managing chronic pancreatitis pain.[] Nausea, ptyalism, vomiting or gagging, or pawing at the mouth may also be described.[] Slurring of speech, confusion, change of behaviour, truculence. Stupor, coma. Subacute hypoglycaemia Also known as hypoglycaemia unawareness.[]

  • Isopropyl Alcohol Poisoning

    speech, or inability to walk normally or think clearly 2000-2018 The StayWell Company, LLC. 800 Township Line Road, Yardley, PA 19067.[] You should never induce vomiting because this can further damage your esophagus.[] Evaluation for epigastric pain which may suggest secondary complications including pancreatitis or significant gastritis.[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    , and avoid diabetes in patients with chronic pancreatitis.[] A 66-year-old woman presented to an urgent care clinic for 2 to 3 weeks of general malaise, nausea/vomiting, night sweats, and dyspnea.[] If early symptoms aren't recognized and treated quickly, blood sugar levels may continue to fall, resulting in drowsiness weakness blurred vision slurred speech confusion[]

  • Pheochromocytoma-Islet Cell Tumor Syndrome

    He suffered from chronic pancreatitis causing stenosis of the sphincter of Oddi, cholecystitis, and cholelithiasis.[] Pheochromocytoma frequently induces paroxysmal hypertension with headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, sweating, pallor, tachycardia, and palpitations, and these are[] This condition has been described in a single patient only, in a man who presented with abdominal pain and jaundice.[]

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