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553 Possible Causes for Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy, Vitamin E Decreased

  • Tropical Sprue

    Furthermore, EME identified patchy areas of partial villous atrophy in 16 patients (5 CD and 11 TS) in whom standard endoscopy was normal.[] Blood tests are done, which shows that the patient has decreased levels of vitamins A, B12, E, D, and K and also decreased levels of serum calcium, albumin and folate.[] EME could help identify patchy areas of partial mucosal atrophy, potentially reducing the need for blind biopsies.[]

  • Celiac Disease

    Individuals with active celiac disease are at risk for deficiencies of zinc, folate and iron, as well as the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.[] A, D, E, and K from food.[] Since they are also at risk for decreased bone mineral density, screening for all of these conditions should be considered.[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Cystic Fibrosis

    E and β‐carotene.[] Pancreatic insufficiency (PI) leads to impaired digestion and absorption from the diet of fat, protein and the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K ( Dodge 2006 ); it also predisposes[] Lowered plasma antioxidant status of vitamin C and decreased activity of erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx), an antioxidant enzyme dependent on the mineral selenium[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    Serum albumin is decreased. D. Vitamin absorption: 1. Vitamin B12- Schilling test 2. Serum folate- Indicator of jejunal dysfunction 3.[] Prothrombin time - Vit K decreased E. Bile salt reabsorption: Bile acid breath test: Labelled glycine is used. Bile acid glycocholate is formed.[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Steatorrhea

    […] as E, A, D and K.[] Zied is quick to add that Alli users should be sure to take a multivitamin every day, since the drug also decreases the absorption of fat-soluble minerals and vitamins such[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    A lack of bile affects your digestive system's ability to absorb fats and the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K.[] Vitamin A deficiency causes decreased vision in the dark.[] Because of this, some people with advanced primary biliary may have low levels of these vitamins. Decreased mental function (hepatic encephalopathy).[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Childhood Celiac Disease

    OBJECTIVES: Between 1984 and 1996, Sweden experienced an "epidemic" of clinical celiac disease in children METHODS: A 2-phase cross-sectional screening study was performed in which 13 279 children from 2 birth cohorts participated: children born during the epidemic (1993) and children born after the epidemic (1997).[…][]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Abetalipoproteinemia

    The serum vitamin E level was markedly decreased. Oral therapy with vitamin E, 800 mg daily, was begun, and in 1981 the dosage was increased to 3200 mg daily.[] Nervous system : Vitamin E deficiency leads to demyelination, hyporeflexia, decreased proprioception & vibration sense and ataxia. Muscles : Myopathy, weakness.[] Management Medium-chain TGs, water-miscible vitamin E. a·be·ta·lip·o·pro·tein·e·mi·a ( ā-bā'tă-lip'ō-prō'tē-nē'mē-ă ) A disorder characterized by an absence from plasma of[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Whipple Disease

    Although neurological features are commonly encountered in Whipple"s disease (WD), presentation with purely neurological patterns is uncommon. Exclusive confinement to the central nervous system (CNS) is extremely rare. In these cases, the development of an isolated cerebral mass is exceptional. In the present[…][]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy
  • Fat-Soluble Vitamin Deficiency

    E Patients with decreased vitamin E serum levels present with neurological symptoms, such as ataxia, similar to Friedrich's ataxia.[] Vitamin A interferes with absorption of vitamin K, and large doses of vitamin E decrease vitamin K–dependent clotting factors, thus promoting bleeding.[] The level of vitamin A and E decreases in these children and thus supplementation becomes a priority for all the PEM cases.[]

    Missing: Patchy Areas of Villous Atrophy

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