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16 Possible Causes for Patient Appears Acutely Ill, Toxic Effect of Benzene

  • Benzene Poisoning

    The toxic effects of benzene are varied; acute exposure affects the central nervous system, whereas chronic exposure causes damage to the hematopoietic system.[] Reducing Benzene Toxicity Benzene is a very difficult substance to detoxify unless you know what you doing, each person is different in the way they are effected by benzene[] These are reactive chemical species and may contribute to benzene’s effects through different pathways, making the mechanism of toxicity a complex issue.[]

  • Toxic Effect of Glycols

    (s): Toxic effects of benzene NOS T52.1X2 Toxic effect of benzene, intentional self-harm T52.1X3 Toxic effect of benzene, assault T52.1X4 Toxic effect of benzene, undetermined[] […] of benzene, undetermined T52.3 Toxic effects of glycols T52.3X Toxic effects of glycols T52.3X1 Toxic effect of glycols, accidental (unintentional) T52.3X1A …… initial encounter[] […] of petroleum products, undetermined T52.1 Toxic effects of benzene T52.1X Toxic effects of benzene T52.1X1 Toxic effect of benzene, accidental (unintentional) Inclusion term[]

  • Toluene Poisoning

    The effects of t... 305.90 Other, mixed, or unspecified drug abuse, unspecified use 982.0 Toxic effect of benzene and homologues F18.10 Inhalant abuse, uncomplicated F18.120[]

  • Nitrobenzene Poisoning

    As with other benzene derivatives, there is a direct toxic effect FULL TEXT[]

  • Furniture Polish Ingestion

    As with other benzene derivatives, there is a direct toxic effect FULL TEXT[]

  • Glue Sniffing

    Organic solvents, such as gasoline, benzene, and related chemical substances, are toxic when inhaled for lengthy periods in unventilated areas, such as some industrial settings[] Brief inhalation of these and similar substances can also produce many of the effects of alcohol intoxication and, sometimes, a hallucinogen-like "trip."[] Chloroform is still sometimes administered in obstetrics, but its use otherwise is greatly limited because of possible undesirable side effects from moderate doses and possible[]

  • Methoxychlor Poisoning

    Repeated studies have demonstrated the genetic-damaging effects of benzene toxicity.[] In lab rats, benzene-induced toxicity causes multiple types of tumors, as well as damage and altercation to chromosome function.[]

  • Methanol Poisoning

    Toxic effect of benzene Toxic effect of bite of venomous lizard Toxic effect of black widow spider bite Toxic effect of brown recluse spider bite Toxic effect of centipede[] Toxic effect from eating fish Toxic effect from eating mushrooms Toxic effect from eating shellfish Toxic effect of alcohol Toxic effect of ant bite Toxic effect of bee sting[] […] scorpion venom Poisoning due to sting of ant Poisoning due to tarantula spider venom Poisoning due to venomous spider Poisoning from sting of jelly fishes Seafood causing toxic effect[]

  • Toxic Effect of Corrosive Alkalis

    T65 Toxic effect of other and unspecified substances T65.0 Cyanides Excludes: hydrogen cyanide ( T57.3 ) T65.1 Strychnine and its salts T65.2 Tobacco and nicotine T65.3 Nitroderivatives[] […] esters 1,2,3-Propanetriol trinitrate T65.6 Paints and dyes, not elsewhere classified T65.8 Toxic effect of other specified substances T65.9 Toxic effect of unspecified substance[] […] and aminoderivatives of benzene and its homologues Aniline [benzenamine] Nitrobenzene Trinitrotoluene T65.4 Carbon disulfide T65.5 Nitroglycerin and other nitric acids and[]

  • Toxic Effect of Copper Salts

    Petroleum does contain many acutely toxic, chronically toxic, and carcinogenic compounds such as benzene, however, and we must assume that some of them are present in copper[] We also know nothing about the effects of the secret ingredients that make up 80% of copper naphthenate products.[]

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