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363 Possible Causes for Pelvic Abscess, Vaginal Discharge

  • Appendicitis

    Other symptoms include fever, cervical or vaginal discharge and dyspareunia.[] “The reason we take the appendix out and do it as an emergency is the belief, dating back to 1886, that the appendix will eventually become gangrenous and cause a pelvic abscess[] In 30% of cases where the appendix has become gangrenous, recovery is complicated by abdominal/pelvic abscess formation.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Culture of the vaginal discharge revealed the presence of E. coli.[] Inflammation of the upper genital tract causes pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which may be complicated by pelvic abscesses, such as pyosalpinx and tubo-ovarian abscess[] Four variables were independently associated with PID: scattered pain radiation and/or diffuse pain, insidious pain, peritoneal irritation, and abnormal vaginal discharge.[]

  • Chorioamnionitis

    Pulsed field gel electrophoresis showed that isolates from the blood, urine, and vaginal discharge were genetically identical.[] abscess.[] Symptoms include maternal fever , increased maternal or fetal heart rate, tenderness in the abdomen and funky-smelling vaginal discharge .[]

  • Septic Abortion

    It is characterized by a rise of temperature to at least 100.4 degrees F, associated offensive or purulent vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain and tenderness.[] Presence of pelvic abscess does not seem to preclude the use of cefoxitin.[] Signs of this complication include a high fever, pelvic pain, and a foul-smelling vaginal discharge, as well as nausea and vomiting.[]

  • Uterine Prolapse

    Problems with recovery Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal.[] We believe that the pelvic abscess in our case exemplifies a danger of delaying surgery.[] […] bleeding Vaginal ulceration or sores Vaginal discharge Performing any strenuous activity such as straining, squatting, exercising, lifting heavy weights, sitting for a long[]

  • Granuloma Inguinale

    The initial presentation of granuloma inguinale included large, fungating labial ulcers, labial swelling, vaginal discharge, rectovaginal fistulae and hematuria.[] Complications of donovanosis such as elephantiasis, stricture and pelvic abscess may require surgery.[] Both patients presented with a bloody foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[]

  • Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

    The diagnosis and management of this previously undescribed pelvic tubo-ovarian abscess present a particular challenge.[] She had odorless whitish vaginal discharge. The pelvic examination revealed excitation pain on the left side of her cervix.[] Teenagers account for 15% to 20% of the cases of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). 1 Abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding, and fever are the hallmark symptoms[]

  • Mycoplasma Hominis

    We present a 14-year-old girl who developed a pelvic abscess secondary to M. hominis after a vaginal laceration during sexual intercourse.[] In Cuba, prevalence of mycoplasma in patients with vaginal discharge is unknown.[] However, M. hominis has been detected in the fallopian tubes and abscesses during pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and in free abdominal fluid in several studies, but their[]

  • Hematocolpos

    The patient was discharged after 3 days without pain or vaginal bleeding.[] Complications associated with an imperforate hymen include pelvic abscess , endometritis /myometritis, urinary tract infection , and endometriosis .[] A defect on the hymenal barrier can encourage ascending pelvic infection in the accumulated menstrual blood as pelvic inflammatory disease, and pelvic abscess, and this informed[]

  • Rectal Prolapse

    After rectocele surgery, expect bloody vaginal discharge for about four weeks.[] ) and one (3%) of 37 patients in the posterior sutured rectopexy group (haematoma and pelvic abscess).[] […] bleeding, pelvic abscess and anastomotic dehiscence (splitting apart of the stitches inside), bleeding or leak at a dehiscence [3] Mortality is low. [9] Recurrence rates[]

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