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132 Possible Causes for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Urge Urinary Incontinence

  • Bacterial Vaginosis

    Sexually transmitted diseases. Pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women.[] BV has been associated with a wide array of health issues, including preterm births, pelvic inflammatory disease, increased susceptibility to HIV infection, and other chronic[] Microbiological and histopathological findings in acute pelvic inflammatory disease.[]

  • Gonorrhea

    Chlamydia screening in young women may reduce the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease.[] inflammatory disease or yeast infections.[] Gonorrhea can spread into the uterus and fallopian tubes, resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Pelvic inflammatory disease. Prostatitis. Renal corticomedullary abscess. Renal vein thrombosis. Salpingitis. Sexually transmitted infections. Urethritis. VUR.[] Differential diagnosis: Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), appendicitis, urolithiasis, biliary tract disease, acute pancreatitis, basal pneumonia.[] / Musculoskeletal disorders / / Nephrolithiasis Noninfectious renal disorders (including urolithiasis) / / Pancreatitis / / Papillary necrosis Pelvic inflammatory disease[]

  • Chlamydial Urethritis

    inflammatory disease (PID) or other genital infections, and to determine whether chlamydial rates are higher in women who are contacts of men with NGNCU.[] Chlamydial urethritis (CU) poses a great risk for both males and females, as it may lead to numerous complications in the absence of proper therapy, such as pelvic inflammatory[] Chlamydial urethritis usually does provoke symptoms in men) but most women with chlamydia-induced pelvic inflammatory disease have symptoms so mild or nonspecific that they[]

  • Acute Cystitis

    Because of the overlap of the symptoms with the pelvic inflammatory disease, a pelvic examination is indicated.[] Signs and Symptoms Irritable bladder symptoms: dysuria, urinary frequency, urinary urgency, sometimes urge incontinence.[] Urge incontinence Overflow incontinence Loss of urine at all times and in all positions Results as loss of sphincter efficiency Surgery, nerve damage, cancer Also when abnormal[]

  • Nongonorrheal Male Urethritis

    As women often present with few symptoms only or a completely symptom-free disease course, one of the most important long-term complications is chronic pelvic inflammatory[] Women infected with the organisms that cause NGU may develop pelvic inflammatory disease.[] The most common complication of chlamydia for women is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).[]

  • Chronic Urethritis

    Women with urethritis may develop bladder infections, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.[] 7 What is urinary incontinence? 8 What is stress incontinence of urine? 9 What is urgency, urge incontinence and the urge syndrome?[] inflammatory disease bladder evacuation difficulty recurrent urinary tract infections Urethral syndrome can lead to urethral narrowing, which may require a medical procedure[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome (FHCS) is inflammation of the liver capsule usually associated with pelvic inflammatory disease.[] Usually, within hours, the UTI will manifest with characteristic symptoms, including: Pain or burning during urination ( dysuria ) An increased urge to urinate (urinary urgency[] Pelvic examination should be performed to exclude vaginitis, cervicitis, or pelvic tenderness (eg, cervical motion tenderness, which suggests pelvic inflammatory disease).[]

  • Gonococcal Vulvovaginitis

    inflammatory disease Acute pelvic inflammatory disease (disorder) Acute pelvic inflammatory disease of the female pelvic organs AND/OR tissues Acute PID Major Diagnostic[] inflammatory disease Acute vaginitis Acute vulvitis Acute vulvovaginitis Chronic gonococcal vulvovaginitis Chronic gonorrhea lower genitourinary tract Chronic vaginitis Chronic[] inflammatory disease.[]

  • Male Gonorrhea

    If you give it to a woman, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and infertility.[] If untreated, the infection may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Acute infectious disease characterized by primary invasion of the urogenital tract.[] If untreated, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which causes problems with pregnancy and infertility. Gonorrhea can pass from mother to baby during pregnancy.[]

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