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116 Possible Causes for Pelvic Mass, Testosterone Decreased or Increased

  • Ovarian Cyst

    Propranolol increased the number of healthy follicles, the ovulation rate, and levels of serum sexual steroids (androstenedione, testosterone, and estradiol) and recovered[] She was also found to have a pelvic mass and an exploratory laparotomy revealed left ovarian cancer.[] A pelvic mass is a general term for any growth or tumor on the ovary or in the pelvis. A pelvic mass can be cystic (cystadenoma), solid (fibroma), or both (dermoid).[]

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Moreover, a more significant decrease of total testosterone and increase of SHBG serum levels were noticed in Group A.[] However, it is indicated if clinical findings are suggestive of a virilizing tumor (eg, rapid progression, clitoromegaly, pelvic mass, or a total testosterone level 200 ng[] Results: Both overweight (OW) and normal-weight (NW) women with PCOS had increased menstrual frequency and decreased body mass index (BMI), testosterone, and luteinizing hormone[]

  • Endometriosis

    A) Decreased serum testosterone concentration B) Idiopathic C) Increased scrotal temperature D) Increased serum corticosteroid concentration E) Isolated luteinizing hormone[] A fetal pelvic mass was diagnosed at 35 weeks’ gestation and removed on day of life 2, revealing endometriosis.[] Following removal of the pelvic masses with laparotomy, the histological exam revealed an endometriosis.[]

  • Ovarian Dysgerminoma

    Adamopoulos et al.6 found that corticosteroids may reduce pain and oedema, but it caused the testosterone levels to decrease and follicle stimulating hormone and leuteinizing[] Figure 2 Pelvic CT findings—large cystic left adnexal mass (large anteroposterior diameter of 85.6 mm).[] If a pelvic mass is detected, tests for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, as background information, should be obtained in reproductive age women.[]

  • Brenner Tumor

    There was a sharp increase of total testosterone, DHEAS, and dihydrotestosterone levels after administration of hCG.[] An 86-year-old female presented with a necrotic cervical mass that was biopsy-proven squamous cell carcinoma. She had an elevated CA-125 and a pelvic mass.[] She was referred for evaluation of a complex pelvic mass and elevated serum CA-125. Treatment included complete surgical resection and staging procedure.[]

  • Gonadoblastoma

    Hormonal investigations revealed that serum testosterone, estradiol and beta-human chorionic gonadotropin decreased following excision of the tumors, but follicle-stimulating[] An 18-year-old female patient was admitted to our hospital with an abdomino-pelvic mass.[] A pelvic mass measuring 20 x 14 cm was detected by pelvic ultrasonography. Bilateral salphingo-oophorectomy was performed.[]

  • Abdominal Mass

    […] globulin, resulting in an overall decrease in circulating free testosterone.[] pelvic swelling, mass and lump Approximate Synonyms Abdominal mass Abdominal swelling Pelvic mass Swollen abdomen ICD-10-CM R19.00 is grouped within Diagnostic Related Group[] 2015 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 789.3 Abdominal or pelvic swelling mass or lump There are 9 ICD-9-CM codes below 789.3 that define this diagnosis in greater detail.[]

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    As they get older, testosterone levels decrease and the ratio of estrogen to testosterone increases, which may cause prostate enlargement. What are the risk factors?[] masses.[] The relative increase in estrogen levels promote growth of cells in the prostate gland, leading to its enlargement Although, the testosterone levels decrease with age, another[]

  • Thecoma

    100 ml), which lacked a diurnal rhythm, were not suppressed by dexamethasone, were decreased by ACTH, and were massively increased to 2,530 ng/100 ml by human chorionic gonadotropin[] A postmenopausal patient presented with a pelvic mass and ascites.[] Although no pathological abdominal or pelvic mass was detected, total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was performed.[]

  • Metabolic Syndrome

    If you’ve been spending hours on the treadmill without results, it’s because long-distance cardiovascular exercise can decrease testosterone and raise cortisol, the stress[] Sarah J Holdsworth-Carson and Peter AW Rogers, The complex relationship between body mass index and endometriosis, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders, 10.1177[] Increased levels of cortisol stimulate the appetite, increase fat storing, and slow down or inhibit exercise recovery.[]

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