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3,140 Possible Causes for Pelvic Neoplasm, Pelvic Pain, Spasticity - Hyperreflexia

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Abstract Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) has been investigated in Western countries and identified to be associated with chronic pelvic pain and inflammation.[] Acute pelvic pain in reproductive-aged women presents a diagnostic challenge.[] BACKGROUND: Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is often responsible for acute pelvic pain, yet its clinical diagnosis is difficult.[]

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  • Endometriosis

    Focus on primary care: chronic pelvic pain in women. Obstet Gynecol Surv. 2001; 56 (12):757–764. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 4.[] View/Print Table TABLE 1 Differential Diagnosis of Endometriosis by Symptom Generalized pelvic pain Pelvic inflammatory disease Endometritis Pelvic adhesions Neoplasms, benign[] Chronic Pelvic Pain in Endometriosis: An Overview Abstract Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) could be considered nowadays a deep health problem that challenges physicians all over[]

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  • Uterine Fibroid

    pain or bulkiness, dyspareunia, increased urinary frequency, and infertility.[] Uterine fibroid is one of the most common pelvic neoplasms. It is rare for this condition to manifest as acute symptoms necessitating emergency surgical intervention.[] It is estimated that for at least 20-30% of women aged 30 years and over, uterine fibroids are the most common pelvic neoplasms [ 4, 7 ].[]

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  • Appendicitis

    In this multicenter retrospective study, the cases of pregnant women who underwent MRI evaluation of abdominal or pelvic pain and who had clinical suspicion of acute appendicitis[] […] differentials can be enlarged normal appendix (50 of asymptomatic patients can have an appendix diameter greater than 6 mm on CT), Crohn’s disease, appendiceal mucocele, pelvic[] KEYWORDS: Abdominal and pelvic pain; Massive ovarian edema; Ovarian torsion[]

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  • Ovarian Neoplasm

    pain Abdominal or adnexal tenderness CBC Transvaginal ultrasonography Pelvic inflammatory disease Fever; lower abdominal or pelvic pain; nausea; vaginal discharge; vomiting[] A pelvic retroperitoneal schwannoma that was initially thought to be an ovarian neoplasm is reported.[] Those with a malignant ovarian neoplasm may develop pelvic discomfort, abdominal swelling and tenderness, and persistent, abrupt urges to urinate.[]

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  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    Women with pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding of any severity for 3 days had a high EP rate of 16% (23/146).[] (aDOR 3.0; 95% CI [1.3-7.1]) and unilateral pelvic pain (aDOR 2.7; 95% CI [1.3-5.9]).[] A 29-year-old woman with vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain was admitted to the current clinic. She had secondary amenorrhea for nine weeks.[]

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  • Threatened Abortion

    The second abortion symptom is pelvic pain.[] pain); Ultrasound proof of viable singleton intrauterine pregnancy (positive foetal heart beat); Gestation week 6 weeks (5 w 1d) and Closed uterine cervix; At the first case[] A lady presented with vaginal bleeding and left sided pelvic pain.[]

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  • Diverticulitis

    Schwerk (1992) Dis Colon Rectum 35(11): 1077-84 [PubMed] Consider in women for evaluating additional Pelvic Pain causes (including pregnancy-related) Avoid Colonoscopy in[] It begins with a pinching pain in the left lower abdomen. Around the pelvic bone and sometimes a little beneath, a throbbing and painful sensation begins to build.[] Women may also have a pelvic exam to rule out gynecological involvement of abdominal pain. [1] Physicians may suggest the following test to help rule in and out the cause[]

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  • Pregnancy

    A total of 31 of the 49 infants (63%) had grossly abnormal results on neurologic examinations; hypertonicity, clonus, hyperreflexia, abnormal movements, spasticity, contractures[] CASE PRESENTATION: A 31-year-old Cameroonian (black African) housewife with a JADELLE implant for 13 months, consulted at our hospital for a 1-month history of pelvic pain[] A major reason for this investigation is the large occurrence of lower back and pelvic pain during and after pregnancy.[]

  • Pelvic Neoplasm

    Besides pelvic pain, women with endometriosis may experience difficulty getting pregnant.[] We report a case of perforated appendicitis mimicking a pelvic neoplasm.[] Drugs that are associated with Pelvic neoplasm Pelvic neoplasm (165 drugs) Could your condition cause Pelvic neoplasm Pelvic neoplasm (78 conditions) Xeloda side effects Xeloda[]

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