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384 Possible Causes for Pendular Nystagmus

  • Cerebellar Infarction

    Midbrain/Thalamic hemorrahages Movie of mixed jerk torsion and shimmering pendular (9 meg) Midbrain hemorrhages can cause very devastating nystagmus, often with twisting eye[] In the patient whose images are shown above, there is a very rapid but small amplitude horizontal nystagmus, apparently pendular, not always present, superimposed on a constantly[] […] present nystagmus with fast phases going up and twisting to the right side.[]

  • Hereditary Nystagmus

    Nystagmus may also be pendular or, when vision is very poor, of a searching type.[] SPONTANEOUS NYSTAGMUS Vestibular imbalance nystagmus Acquired pendular nystagmus Horizontal Vertical See-saw Congenital Nystagmus Latent nystagmus (LN) Pendular type Jerk[] Identifier 163-9-4 Title Familial Nystagmus Ocular Movements Congenital Nystagmus; Horizontal Pendular Nystagmus; Infantile Nystagmus Syndrome; Familial Congenital Nystagmus[]

  • Cerebellar Hemorrhage

    Three patients with remote cerebellar hemorrhage following supratentorial cerebrovascular surgery are presented. Remote cerebellar hemorrhage is a rare surgical complication that is most often associated with aneurysm clipping or temporal lobectomies. Bleeding occurs on the superior cerebellar cortex and is[…][]

  • Nystagmus

    ; Pendular Nystagmus; Acquired Pendular Nystagmus; Left Beat Nystagmus Creator John R.[] Jerk nystagmus is more common than pendular nystagmus. (See "Jerk nystagmus" and "Pendular nystagmus" .)[] A systematic investigation of the characteristics of voluntary nystagmus under a number of stimulus conditions showed that it resembles pendular nystagmus in waveform, and[]

  • Acute Cerebellar Ataxia

    Nystagmus, skew deviation, disconjugate saccades, and altered ocular pursuit can be present.[] […] unsteady gait, errors of extremity trajectory or placement, errors in motor sequence or rhythm and/or by dysarthria. 1 Tone is usually decreased and stretch reflexes may be “pendular[]

  • Spasmus Nutans

    Ocular motility recordings revealed an unusual latent/manifest latent nystagmus, pendular nystagmus with characteristics of an acquired nystagmus, and uniocular saccades.[] Pendular nystagmus of Spasmus Nutans. Nystagmus of the Blind (follow link). Vertical Pendular Nystagmus Pontine hemorrhage Oculopalatal myoclonus.[] Rhythmic head movements and fine, intermittent, asymmetric, disconjugate, high-frequency, out-of-phase pendular nystagmus were recorded.[]

  • Neurologic Manifestation of Whipple Disease

    It differs from other forms of pendular nystagmus in that it is smooth and continuous with a high amplitude and slow frequency.[] It is characterized by smooth, continuous, slow (1-3 Hz), pendular, convergent-divergent nystagmus, concurrent contractions of the masticatory muscles, supranuclear vertical[]

  • Cerebellar Neoplasm

    This study describes three cases of neuroectodermal cerebellar neoplasms occurring in adults, characterized by a monomorphic population of round cells with scanty cytoplasm and focal areas of lipid accumulation. Astrocytic and neuronal differentiation was confirmed in these cells by glial fibrillary acidic protein and[…][]

  • Parenchymatous Cortical Cerebellar Degeneration

    Encephalopathy in Hyperthermia 134 Arsenical Encephalopathy 136 Anoxic 148 Central Pontine Myelinolysis 158 Infarcts with Arterial Thrombosis 160 Infarcts with Cerebral Embolism 164 Aseptic 166 Embolism Following Cardiac Surgery 166 Thromboembolism Associated with Carci 178 Giant Cell Arteritis 178 Disseminated Lupus[…][]

  • Cerebellar Hemangioblastoma

    A 38-year-old woman with known von Hippel-Lindau syndrome underwent In-111 pentetreotide (OctreoScan) scintigraphy to evaluate a suspected pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. The patient had undergone surgical resection of a left adrenal pheochromocytoma and a large right cerebellar hemangioblastoma several years[…][]

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