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39 Possible Causes for Penile Hematoma

  • Penile Hematoma

    There are a number of reasons for penile hematoma after circumcision.[] 32y old male came to clinic by penile hematoma after sexual intercorse after unusual position by examination subcutaneous heamtoma in dorsum of penis shaft about 3 cm diameter[] Penile hematoma can be self treated within few days. You should do not pop up the hematoma and wait for few days. For details, visit this link .[]

  • Pyoureter

    Differential diagnosis in a mature bull this includes penile hematoma ( 10.23 ) or abscess formation, or, in a younger animal, urethral rupture due to faulty application of[]

  • Priapism

    Referral to Urology at the site of the patient's injury yielded a diagnosis of penile hematoma.[] hematoma with or without penile thrombosis resulting in erectile dysfunction (6).[] We present a case of corpus cavernosum hematoma mimicking priapism. A 42-year-old man presented to the emergency room with penile pain and partial erection.[]

  • Penile Fracture

    Physical examination was done in order to get the extent of penile hematoma, sign of blood at the meatus and side of curvature.[] We present a group of men who presented with a penile hematoma following trauma to the erect penis.[] Figure 1 Penile deformity, foreskin hematoma, and intact tunica albuginea. ( a ) Penile deformity suspicious for penile fracture. ( b ) Foreskin hematoma (arrows) surrounding[]

  • Phentolamine

    Priapism, penile hematoma and fibrosis have been reported following local injection. Neither the route of administration nor this use are approved or recommended.[]

  • Urethrorectal Fistula

    hematoma, and difficulty passing Foley's catheter [ 2 ].[] […] those found in blunt urethral trauma, i.e. high riding prostate, blood at the urethral meatus, bladder distension, inability to void, gross hematuria, scrotal, perineal, or penile[]

  • Urinary Catheter

    Contraindications : Trauma patient with suspected urethral injury as evidenced by: Blood at the urethral meatus High-riding prostate on rectal examination Penile, scrotal,[] […] perineal hematoma Radiographic evidence of urethral/bladder trauma (in many centers a gentle attempt at urethral catherisation by an experienced doctor is accepted practice[]

  • Penile Gangrene

    […] subcutaneous hematoma, penile ulcerations and corporal fibrosis as well as Fournier's gangrene. [ 7 ] We suggest our colleagues to be aware of drug abuse as a differential[] […] to relieve it. [ 1 ] Sometimes the vein is missed and there is extravasation of the drug subcutaneously or intracorporeally and may lead to acute cavernositis, priapsm, penile[]

  • Balanoposthitis

    Other: urethral calculus (urolithiasis Bladder: calculi ), urethral stenosis and/or rupture, blood vessel rupture (typically superficial penile vessels), varicosities, hematoma[]

  • Penile Torsion

    Postoperative complications included five cases of penile edema, one case of hematoma and one case of dorsal skin gangrene.[] Postoperative complications included five cases of penile edema, one case of hematoma and one case of dorsal skin gangrene. Residual torsion of occurred in three cases.[] The degloving and realignment procedure is a simple technique that may be applied safely and successfully in most cases of penile torsion.[]

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