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9 Possible Causes for Perianal Lichenification

  • Rectal Pruritus

    A visual exam may disclose nothing more than mild erythema, or may reveal excoriation from scratching with lichenification of the perianal skin (whitening), or scales, vesicles[]

  • Psoriasis

    Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disorder, characterized by increased keratinocyte proliferation due to abnormal differentiation of basal keratinocytes. The etiology of the disease is unclear, and according to the survey results, it is hypothesized that a combination of genetic and environmental factors prompts[…][]

  • Sexual Abuse Victim

    This work aims to analyze the impact of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse on variables related to mental health and to identify the characteristics of the victims. To achieve this objective, microdata of the National School Health Survey 2015 was used, applying the methodology of Propensity Score Matching. The[…][]

  • Rectal Trauma

    This retrospective study was undertaken to assess the yield of radio-contrast imaging of the rectum before closure of colostomy following extraperitoneal rectal trauma. Sixty-nine patients (63 males) underwent colostomy closure in 36 months. All radio-contrast studies (colograms) performed before closure of[…][]

  • Lichen Simplex Chronicus

    Clinically, lichenification, hyperpigmentation, and excoriation are prominent features (Fig,,240-3).[] Lichen Simplex Chronicus The scrotum , vulva, and perianal area are common sites of involvement with lichen simplex chronicus .[] Pronounced lichenification and hyperpigmentation is typical of lichen simplex chronicus. The scrotum is a common site of involvement.[]

  • Male Periurethral Cellulitis

    Genital Anatomy Normal Anatomy penile urethral meatus Congenital Variations median raphe Penile Hemangioma periurethral cysts Non-Traumatic Pathology Paraphimosis penile lichenification[] Clitoris Nevus, Labia Minora Nevus, Perineum Normal Fossa Navicularis Normal Posterior Fourchette Partial Hymenal Tear Pectinate Line Penile Burn Penile Hemangioma Penile Lichenification[] Trauma Acute/Recent Injury acute penile / scrotal trauma balanitis penile burn penile ligature Non-acute Injury penile scars Anal/Perianal Anatomy Normal Anatomy anal verge[]

  • Telangiectasia Macularis Eruptiva Perstans

    Pruritus Ani Perianal erythema with excoriation lichenification. Treatment may involve topical therapy.[] Psoriasis Perianal erythema with excoriation lichenification. Treatment may involve topical/system therapy and Narrowband UVB.[]

  • Lamellar Ichthyosis

    Skin Verrucous Plaque Vesicles Violaceous Papules Well Circumscribed Patches of Intensely Itchy Lichenification With Hyperpigmentation Wheal Whitish Plaques Wrinkles Xerosis[] Swelling Target Lesions Telangiectasis Tender Nodules on Trunk Translucent Nodule Tumour Ulcer Undetermined Verrucous Papules Verrucous Papules and Nodules Verrucous Papules in Perianal[]

  • Bowenoid Papulosis

    The primary location is the vulvar area, followed by the perianal region, scrotum, penis and axillae.[] It starts as an erythematous plaque of indolent growth, with well-defined edges, fine scaling, excoriations, exulcerations and lichenification.[]

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