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31 Possible Causes for Perineal Skin Rash

  • Diaper Rash

    June 22, 2012 By Leave a Comment Diaper rash is a skin condition affecting the area beneath and around an infant’s perineal area. Diaper rash is a common condition.[] Candida has a fecal origin and is not an organism normally found on perineal skin.[] Between 40% and 75% of diaper rashes that last for more than 3 days are colonized with C albicans .[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    The rash in measles generally becomes confluent as it fades and leaves a distinctive brownish hue to the skin, whereas the rash in KS generally fades abruptly without residua[] Perineal accentuation of the rash is typical of KS but not of measles.[]

  • Intertrigo

    Intertrigo refers to a type of inflammatory rash ( dermatitis ) of the superficial skin that occurs within a person's body folds. [1] These areas are more susceptible to irritation and subsequent infection due to factors that promote skin breakdown such as moisture, friction, and exposure to bodily secretions[…][]

  • Psoriasis

    BACKGROUND: Psoriasis is associated with a high economic burden to society. New psoriasis systemic treatments offer the potential for improved skin clearance. Whether a higher degree of clearing translates into economic benefit through decreased work impairment has not been fully determined. OBJECTIVE: To assess[…][]

  • Glucagonoma

    Abstract The classical presentations of necrolytic migratory erythema associated with alpha cell pancreatic tumour have been well documented. In addition, the occurrence of extracutaneous hallmarks of this disease such as weight loss, diabetes, anaemia, stomatitis and diarrhoea have been described in various[…][]

  • Tinea Cruris

    Abstract Among 250 patients with tinea cruris (160 males, 90 females) lesions of both tinea pedis and tinea unguium were found in 221 and lesions of only tinea pedis in another 25. The four children were free of associated dermatophytic lesions. The predominant causative agent was T. rubrum, which was also found to[…][]

  • Contact Dermatitis

    BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Childhood allergic contact dermatitis is recognized as a significant clinical problem. The objective was to evaluate the rate of positive patch tests in Israeli children with clinically suspected allergic contact dermatitis, identify possible sex and age differences, compare results with those in[…][]

  • Erythrasma

    Br Med J. 1968 Oct 26;4(5625):228-30. Abstract The feet of 259 new patients at a chiropody clinic were examined for tinea pedis, onychomycosis, and erythrasma: 23% of men and 4% of women were infected by dermatophytes, and the nails of seven males were infected by non-dermatophytes. Of 200 patients examined[…][]

  • Dermatitis Medicamentosa

    Dermatitis... Dermatitis Medicamentosa Due to Tetracycline Correspondence Br Med J 1957 ; 1 doi: (Published 01 June 1957) Cite this as: Br Med J 1957;1:1304 Article Related content Metrics Responses Peer review This is a PDF-only article. The first page of the PDF of this article appears above. Log in Log in using[…][]

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    Abstract Congenital cutaneous candidiasis (CCC) is a rare disease acquired by an ascending route, liable to affect the offspring of pregnant women suffering from vulvovaginitis. The cutaneous lesions are present at birth or within the first hours of life. Some infants may present with respiratory distress or[…][]

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