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12 Possible Causes for Perineal Skin Rash, Skin Rash of the Groin Area

  • Kawasaki Disease

    rash (including in the groin area) Swollen lymph nodes (in the neck) Irritability and/or fussiness Less common: abdominal pain, joint pain The exact cause of Kawasaki disease[] rash on the trunk and around the groin or diaper area Swelling and redness in the hands and feet, with peeling skin later on Red eyes, similar to pinkeye (conjunctivitis)[] […] and/or peeling skin, often between the chest and legs and in the genital or groin area, and later on the fingers and toes Swelling and redness in hands and bottoms of feet[]

  • Intertrigo

    Intertrigo is a skin rash that develops in the folds of the skin.[] Symptoms of intertrigo include a red or reddish-brown rash that can appear anywhere skin rubs together or traps wetness. This rash may burn or itch.[] It most commonly affects the armpits, the groin area, and under heavy folds of skin such as the breasts or between the buttocks.[]

  • Erythrasma

    Erythrasma: How Terrasil Treats Rash Erythrasma is a skin infection developing in the folds of the skin, such as armpits, the groin or joint areas.[]

  • Tinea Cruris

    Symptoms Symptoms of jock itch include: itchy skin in the groin area; a rash that appears as clearly-defined red, scaly areas, often in a ring shape; occasional blisters at[] The patches generally cover the inner thighs and skin around the groin area, but almost never involves the scrotum or penis. First, take a close look at the rash area.[] However, because there are a number of causes of an itchy, red rash in the groin area, your doctor may recommend taking a skin scraping, or sample, to be sent to a laboratory[]

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    The most common locations for cutaneous candidiasis are moist, warm and creased areas such as the groin or armpits, but the infection can affect almost any area of skin on[] Areas of the skin that are moist and folded—such as the groin, the skin under the breasts, and areas between skin folds of obese persons—are more likely to harbor the infection[] However, it generally occurs in these warm, moist, creased or skin fold areas: groin armpits genitals buttocks under breasts stomach skinfolds When candida over grows, it[]

  • Zinc Deficiency

    Zinc is an essential trace element for the immune system. The zinc deficiency diminishes antibody- and cell-mediated responses in man. Lymphopenia and thymic atrophy are usually the early hallmarks of zinc deficiency. Surprisingly, only scarce data are available about polymorphonuclear cells (PMNs) functions in infants[…][]

  • Diaper Rash

    Candida usually causes diaper rash in the deepest part of the skin in the groin area and buttocks. The rash is usually very red, with raised red spots and defined edges.[] Candida has a fecal origin and is not an organism normally found on perineal skin.[] Diaper rash develops on skin covered by a diaper, generally around the groin area and inside the folds on the thighs and bottom.[]

  • Glucagonoma

    The skin condition commonly begins as red lumps and plaques in the perineum (the area between the genitals and anus), groins, or abdomen, and it may migrate to the extremities[] The skin conditioncommonly begins as red lumps and plaques in the perineum (the area between the genitals and anus), groins, or abdomen, and it may migrate to the extremities[] The rash develops in about 70% of patients, often before other symptoms arise.[]

  • Alprostadil

    area Rash, redness or other skin issues around injection sites Sensation of burning at penis opening Unusual headaches or back pain Rapid heartbeat Changes in vision Prolonged[] Penile pain, prolonged erection, priapism, penile fibrosis, injection site hematoma/ecchymosis, penile rash and edema, prostatitis, perineal pain.[] […] percentage of men do experience adverse reactions, which should be discussed with a physician before continuing use of the product: Pain or aching in the penis, testicles or groin[]

  • Benign Familial Pemphigus

    Signs and symptoms of Hailey-Hailey disease include: A blistering skin rash that most commonly develops in the groin, armpits and neck Red scaly areas of skin Crusting of[] Perineal lesions may mimic genital warts. [ 6 ] Investigations Skin biopsy may be required, although appearance and family history is usually enough.[] , include the underarm or groin area How is Hailey-Hailey Disease Diagnosed?[]

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