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41 Possible Causes for Perineal Swelling, Suprapubic Pain

  • Urethral Diverticulum

    Urethral diverticula may also present with urethral pain, suprapubic pain, and recurrent urinary tract infections, and hematuria.[] Clinically, he had palpable hard perineal swelling. Blood investigations were normal, but significant pyuria on urinalysis.[] CASE REPORT An 81 year old female complained of suprapubic pain, urethral discharge, urinary frequency, urgency, and stranguria.[]

  • Bladder Diverticulum

    Abdominal examination there was cystic swelling in suprapubic region extending up to umbilical region. Uterus was 32 week size.[] ; anterior perineal herniation of urinary bladder diverticulum. ( 29604286 ) Khan I....Shah O.A. 2018 6 Congenital Bladder Diverticulum in Adults: A Case Report and Review[] Symptoms of a urachal cyst are generally related to infection and the resultant inflammation and include suprapubic mass, fever, pain, and bladder or irritative voiding symptoms[]

  • Pelvic Fracture

    Urethral disruption is suspected if there was external bleeding on the urethral meatus, perineal or genital swelling.[] Symptoms of urethral injuries are blood at the external urethral meatus, a high-riding (nonpalpable) prostate gland in man, and perineal and genital swelling.[]

  • Puerperal Infection

    […] region Palpable pelvic veins Suprapubic tenderness (pain on pressing above the pubic area) Foul discharge Inflammation of the vagina and cervix Tenderness during vaginal[] Adnexae: for salpingitis, parametritis or adnexael swellings.[] […] unilateral) Respiratory rales, consolidation, rhonchi Major signs of puerperal sepsis: Classical signs: Tachycardia Tachypnea Cervical motion tenderness Intermediate signs: Fever Pain[]

  • Urinary Retention

    We present the case of a 30-year-old patient with multiple emergency department episodes with dysuria, urinary frequency, suprapubic pain and an episode of acute urinary retention[] […] retention Enlarged, firm, nontender, nonnodular prostate on digital rectal examination; prostate examination may be normal Benign prostatic hyperplasia Fever; dysuria; back, perineal[] pain (if painless and acute suspect CNS pathology) Inability to pass urine Possible bleeding Symptoms in keeping with aetiology e.g. recent dysuria, recent spinal trauma[]

  • Precipitate Labor

    I experienced labial tearing (no perineal tearing) and a lot of swelling as well as bruising, that I surmise was a direct result of my son’s rapid birth.[]

  • Diastasis Symphysis Pubis

    Therefore, in case of peripartum suprapubic pain, it is important to consider a pubic symphyseal diastasis that requires interdisciplinary treatment. 43 44. 44 Conclusion:[] […] and to reduce swelling related to pubic and perineal edema. 48.50 Motherhood Maternity Support Belt Relieves pain in the back, legs, and abdomen.[] It is pertinent that clinicians should consider it when assessing patients in the ante-natal or post-natal period who complain of pain along the suprapubic, sacroiliac or[]

  • Postpartum Hemorrhage of the Uterus

    If the bleeding is not obvious, other signs may include: Lightheadedness and fainting Increased heart rate Decreased blood pressure Swelling and pain in the vaginal and perineal[] perineal area ]] Your doctor will ask about your symptoms.[] […] the vaginal and perineal area, if bleeding is due to a hematoma The symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage may resemble other conditions or medical problems.[]

  • Uterine Hemorrhage

    These include fever, abdominal pain, painful urination, general weakness, abdominal tenderness over the suprapubic area and adnexae. 3 Go to the hospital if you see these[] […] the vaginal and perineal area The symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage may resemble other conditions or medical problems.[] Symptoms may include: uncontrolled bleeding decreased blood pressure increased heart rate decrease in the red blood cell count (hematocrit) swelling and pain in tissues in[]

  • Traumatic Rupture of the Bladder

    The symptoms present with bladder trauma include pain (suprapubic pain/tenderness sometimes described as lower abdominal pain/tenderness) and difficult urinating.[] If the patient is stable, apply ice to the perineal area, the scrotum, or the penis to help relieve pain and swelling.[] Suprapubic pain or tenderness. Most patients with bladder rupture complain of suprapubic or abdominal pain. Difficulty or inability to void.[]

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