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121 Possible Causes for Perineal Tenderness, Tight Anal Sphincter

  • Anal Fissure

    Too much pressure, tight anal sphincter muscles, and poor blood supply to your anus may lead to their development and poor healing.[] Reasons for this can include: Constipation or passing large or hard stools Explosive or ongoing diarrhea Childbirth Less often, having anal sex or putting things into your[]

  • Rectal Pain

    YOu should be able to palpate is the perineal area, even see increased muscle tone.[] They occur due to excessive stretching of the anus and common in individuals with tight anal sphincter tone (the muscle responsible for controlling opening of the anus).[] Why not do the injection first, straight into area palpable of most tenderness, contrast to verify muscle flow pattern.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Pharmacotherapy. 2009 Mar;29(3):347-51. doi: 10.1592/phco.29.3.347. Author information 1 Idaho Falls Infectious Diseases, PLLC, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404, USA. Abstract Antibiotic treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is often broad spectrum and targets a diverse range of vaginal flora.[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Chronic Prostatitis

    Members of the Chronic Prostatitis Collaborative Research Network (CPCRN) met in a 1-day symposium to review recent findings and to debate unanswered issues in the diagnosis and management of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). The meeting was focused on producing an overview summary[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Acute Prostatitis

    , pelvic, with defecation) Mild, possibly stronger or noticable on ejaculation Moderate, diffuse (lower abdomen, perineum, scrotum, or penis ) Prostate Tender, boggy, swollen[] . 9, 13 Typically, the prostate gland is tender and may be warm, swollen, firm and irregular.[] […] dysfunction Possibly bloody semen Possibly erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, and bloody semen May have symptoms of bladder irritation Genitourinary pain Severe (perineal[]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Prostate Sarcoma

    BACKGROUND: The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of neoadjuvant chemoradiation in patients with prostate sarcoma treated at our institution and report oncological outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The records of patients with intermediate- or high-grade prostate sarcoma treated with curative[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Perianal Abscess

    INTRODUCTION: Perianal abscess (PA) and fistula-in-ano (FIA) are common acquired anorectal disorders in children, but their management is still controversial. This study was performed to evaluate our experience with the treatment of PA and FIA in children of different age groups. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A[…][]

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  • Anorectal Fistula

    AIM: To investigate a new technique of the anorectal fistula treatment with acellular extracellular matrix (AEM). METHODS: Thirty patients with anorectal fistula were treated with AEM. All fistula tracts and primary openings were identified using conventional fistula probe. All tracts were curetted with curet and[…][]

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  • Pelvic Fracture

    Home Anteroposterior Compression Fracture of Pelvis (Open Book Fracture) Image ID: 344, Reg ID: 03840 Please describe! how you will use this image and then you will be able to add this image to your shopping basket. Just copy the linking code into your your web page or blog and customize as you see fit... Text[…][]

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  • Intraperitoneal Abscess in the Right Lower Quadrant

    Fabrizio Michelassi, Jeffrey W. Milsom Springer Science & Business Media, ٠٦‏/١٢‏/٢٠١٢ - 515 من الصفحات Operative strategies in inflammatory small bowel disease, provides a thorough review of the operative techniques as well as the indications, and long term results for the surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis and[…][]

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