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359 Possible Causes for perpetrator

  • Dementia

    […] carrying oral bacterial pathogens The fact that inflammation is sustained in the AD brain suggests that local immunogenic hallmark proteins and/or peripheral infections are key perpetrators[]

  • Tuberculosis

    To grasp the human suffering perpetrated by tuberculosis, we may need to recall the past when, incurable and incomprehensible, the disease had to be deciphered by metaphors—metaphors[]

  • Child Sexual Abuse Victim

    The overall rate of having been a victim was 35% for perpetrators and 11 % for non-perpetrators. Of the 96 females, 43% had been victims but only one was a perpetrator.[] CARSON CITY — The Assembly backed legislation that extends the statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse to sue their perpetrators.[] Child sexual abuse is perpetrated at a rate that we have yet to fully comprehend.[]

  • Sexual Abuse Victim

    Abstract Two studies examined interactions between victim age and victim response, and victim relation to perpetrator and victim response influencing perceptions of child[] Deering R, Mellor D (2011) An exploratory qualitative study of the self-reported impact of female-perpetrated childhood sexual abuse.J Child Sex Abus 20: 58-76.[] They are often perpetrated in the privacy of homes or are committed by those whom people may be close to or trust.[]

  • Hospital Addiction Syndrome

    Munchausen syndrome by proxy: father as a perpetrator. Pediatrics. 1990 Mar; 85 (3):370–373. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] Bools CN, Neale BA, Meadow SR.[] Perpetrators were caregivers, most (62%) were women, and many worked in healthcare. The age range of the victims was 21 to 82 years.[] In most cases the perpetrators are mothers who repeatedly and in different ways produce or feign symptoms of illness in their children in order to obtain medical treatment[]

  • Abuse and Neglect

    […] with their mothers identified as perpetrators increased over 300% when mothers had a childhood history of multiple maltreatment.[] In the domestic abuse cases, one of the victim's sons was the most common perpetrator, and little or no income was considered to be a risk factor for perpetrators.[] Risk factors, associated with abuse and neglect, are well established and can be categorized in sociodemographic-, victim-, or perpetrator-related risk factors.[]

  • Incest

    Perpetrators employed psychological and/or physical methods to coerce their victims.[] All perpetrators were males.[] The majority of juvenile victims know the perpetrator, and approximately 34 percent of perpetrators in cases of child sexual abuse are family members. 1 While incest is often[]

  • Rape Victim

    Perpetrator blaming was predicted by male rape myth acceptance and sex-role egalitarianism.[] The dependent variables included measures of minimizing rape, blaming the victim, excusing the perpetrator, and determining the length of the recommended sentence.[] The husband's rescuing behavior and the expressions of violent anger towards the perpetrator had several positive consequences.[]

  • Factitious Disorder

    Its association with a history of adult factitious disorder (AFD) or Munchausen syndrome in the perpetrator is also well known.[] Furthermore, reintegration of the perpetrator back to family is discussed and suggestions are made for follow-up.[] The type and severity depend on the amount of medical knowledge on the part of the perpetrator.[]

  • Sexual Sadism

    […] found among psychopaths, and perhaps present in sexual sadists, may lead to deficits in their ability to empathize with others, resulting in an increased likelihood for perpetrating[] Rape and sexual sadism have in common violence, cruelty, and a callous indifference on the part of the perpetrator to the suffering of the victim, but they differ markedly[] However, clearly this inference won’t be valid if the perpetrator is not aware at the time that he is causing suffering.[]

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