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2,294 Possible Causes for Pheochromocytoma, Retinal Angioma, Sensorineural Hearing Loss Associated with ELSTs

  • Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

    Retinal angiomas Retinal angiomas are actually hemangioblastomas found in the eye.[] Finding Elusive Pheochromocytomas, by Graeme Eisenhofer Plasma Free Metanephrine and the Laboratory Evaluation for Pheochromocytoma, by David F.[] ) hearing loss, sensorineural, associated with elsts Genitourinary Kidneys: multiple renal cysts renal hemangioblastoma renal cell carcinoma (e.g., ) Genitourinary Internal[]

  • Retinal Angioma

    Capillary retinal angioma was confirmed by histology of the surgical specimen, and familial VHL was revealed.[] He underwent bilateral adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma in 1998. He underwent for craniotomy for cerebellar hemangioma.[] A 44-year-old white female had a macular pucker associated with a peripheral retinal capillary angioma.[]

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  • Cerebellar Hemangioblastoma

    A 35-year-old man with clinical suspicion of adrenal pheochromocytoma was evaluated using Ga DOTANOC PET/CT.[] Because VHL disease is a neoplasia syndrome, the patient may have concurrent cancerous lesions (eg, retinal angiomas, renal cell carcinomas) that require treatment. 11 Moreover[] The patient had undergone surgical resection of a left adrenal pheochromocytoma and a large right cerebellar hemangioblastoma several years previously.[]

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  • Familial Pheochromocytoma

    During a 15-year period, 24 patients were treated operatively for pheochromocytoma at this medical center.[] angiomas, pancreatic tumors, pheochromocytomas and hepatic cysts.[] In addition to pheochromocytoma (often bilateral) and rarely paragangliomas, von Hippel-Lindau syndrome is also associated with retinal angiomas, cerebellar hemangioblastoma[]

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  • Hemangioblastoma

    It is well known that pheochromocytoma is much more likely to occur in persons having multiple neurofibromatosis than in otherwise normal persons.[] Retinal Angioma: The term “retinal angioma” has been used to refer to lesions that are most likely retinal hemangioblastomas.[] Advances in treatment of retinal angiomas. Int Ophthalmol Clin, 37 (1997), pp. 150–170[]

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  • Hereditary Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Those that never develop hRCC may still present with retinal angiomas or hemangioblastomas of the central nervous system, or remain asymptomatic.[] Additional procedures performed included 2 bilateral adrenalectomies for pheochromocytomas, 1 resection of a renal vein thrombus and 1 resection of a pancreatic islet cell[] For instance, those suffering from von Hippel-Lindau disease are at high risk of renal cancer, retinal angiomas, and hemangioblastomas of the central nervous system.[]

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  • Hereditary Pheochromocytoma-Paraganglioma

    angiomas (eye tumors), central nervous system hemangioblastomas (brain tumors), renal cell (kidney) carcinoma, renal and pancreatic cysts, pancreatic endocrine tumors, and[] Hereditary pheochromocytoma-paraganglioma is a term encompassing several distinct genetic disorders in which the two respective tumors appear.[] Genetic testing is indicated in first-degree relatives of individuals with pathogenic variants in VHL, as well as any child diagnosed with any of the following: Retinal angioma[]

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  • Adrenal Cortical Adenoma

    METHODS: All patients with a pathological diagnosis of pheochromocytoma were evaluated for an ipsilateral cortical adenoma from 1994 through 2015.[] Type 1 VHL patients with renal cell carcinomas, hemangioblastomas and retinal angiomas do not usually develop pheochromocytomas.[] After right pheochromocytoma was diagnosed, right adrenalectomy was performed.[]

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  • Pheochromocytoma

    angiomas), kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma), kidney and pancreas cysts, pancreas tumors (neuroendocrine tumors), epididymal cystadenoma, pheochromocytoma (usually bilateral[] Pheochromocytoma is an adrenal tumor that excessively secretes catecholamines.[] In von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, specific mutations determine the varied clinical manifestations, which, in addition to pheochromocytomas, include retinal angiomas; cerebellar[]

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  • Papillary Cystadenoma of the Kidney

    In approximately 40 % of cases, the retinal tumors are the first manifestation of VHL and apparently sporadic retinal angioma patients should be checked for other VHL symptoms[] […] but higher-risk for CNS hemangioblastoma, RCC, pancreatic cyst, and pNET type 2A: high-risk for pheochromocytoma; low-risk for RCC type 2B: high-risk for pheochromocytoma[] Pheochromocytomas are usually benign, but malignant behavior has been documented.[]

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