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746 Possible Causes for Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens, Unable to Stand

  • Paraparesis

    I couldn’t stand longer than 20 minutes and I needed a cane to get around.[] I had difficulty dressing myself and I was unable to continue the work which I had enjoyed doing.[]

  • Paraplegia

    All individuals were unable to stand or walk independently or voluntarily move their lower extremities after their injuries.[] The definition of success pertaining to mortality and SCI will be assessed 30 days after TAAA repair, and ‘substantial SCI’ means that the patient is unable to stand without[] At the start of the current study, the second person to receive implantation was unable to move or experience any sensation below the point of injury.[]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    Do remember, that the more fluid the heart is unable to pump forward, the more symptoms that will appear in the long run due to the amount of workload imposed.[] It only stands to reason that a decrease in fluid intake can reduce the amount of work the heart has to deal with. Salt Intake – where there is salt there is water.[]

  • Hemiplegia

    For example, a patient might be unable to lift his or her arms.[] It is a clinical measure of voluntary movements and general mobility (rolling, bridging, sit-to-stand, standing, stepping, walking and stairs) following a stroke.[] Telltale signs include: Difficulties with motor skills, particularly standing. Weakness in large areas on one side of the body.[]

  • Obesity

    BACKGROUND: Monogenic obesity results from single gene mutations. Extreme obesity starting at an early age, especially in infancy, which is associated with endocrinopathy and metabolic disturbances is key to the diagnosis of monogenic obesity. CASE PRESENTATION: A 6-month-old boy was admitted to our clinic with[…][]

    Missing: Unable to Stand
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Clinical diagnosis of compartment syndrome secondary to phlegmasia cerulea dolens (PCD) was made and he underwent emergency fasciotomies.[] Phlegmasia cerulea dolens (PCD) is a rare entity that refers to a painful, edematous, and cyanotic limb due to a massive deep vein thrombosis (DVT).[] Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens : a 10-Year Review. Ann Surg. 1965 ;161(5): 802 - 811.[]

    Missing: Unable to Stand
  • Hip Fracture

    Symptoms of a hip fracture Symptoms of a hip fracture include: not being able to lift, move or rotate (turn) your leg being unable to stand or put weight on your leg, although[] Complications Prevention Symptoms of a hip fracture Symptoms of a hip fracture after a fall may include: pain not being able to lift, move or rotate (turn) your leg being unable[] Most patients are unable to stand. Always assess neurovascular status. Diagnosis of hip fracture is made with X-rays and physical exam.[]

    Missing: Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens
  • Muscular Dystrophy

    The majority of individuals are unable to sit or stand without support, and some affected children may never learn to walk.[] I have never been able to walk or stand.[] As leg muscles become affected, walking and climbing stairs become difficult and some people may be unable to hop or stand on their heels.[]

    Missing: Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    This can result in trouble standing-up. Most are unable to walk by the age of twelve. Affected muscles may look larger due to increased fat content.[] Children with Duchenne may be slower to sit, stand or walk. Most are unable to run and jump properly due to weakness in the core muscles of the body.[] This can result in trouble standing up. Most are unable to walk by the age of 12. Affected muscles may look larger due to increased fat content.[]

    Missing: Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens
  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Polymyalgia rheumatica is an inflammatory disorder that is characterized by pain and stiffness of the neck, shoulders and hips. It may occur before or with giant cell arteritis. Patents with polymyalgia rheumatica generally present with pain and morning stiffness in the shoulder or hip. Patients may have difficulty[…][]

    Missing: Phlegmasia Cerulea Dolens

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