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598 Possible Causes for Photophobia, Viral Meningitis

  • Meningitis

    Other symptoms include photophobia, nausea, vomiting, lethargy and confusion. In newborns the typical symptoms are hard to detect.[] To learn more about how we use cookies, please see our cookies policy Close Intended for healthcare professionals Education Viral meningitis Viral meningitis Clinical Review[] Clinical manifestations include fever; nuchal rigidity; photophobia; seizures; hearing loss, sensorineural; coma; and cerebrovascular thrombosis.[]

  • Viral Meningitis

    Abstract An 18-year-old woman presented with a progressively worsening headache, photophobia feverishness and vomiting.[] Definition Viral meningitis is a viral disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges.[] Photophobia is due to meningeal irritation.[]

  • Bacterial Meningitis

    The patient presented with back pain and urinary retention and this was followed by the development of headache, photophobia and a left VIth nerve palsy.[] You therefore cannot say that bacterial meningitis is worse than viral meningitis.[] A 39-year-old man was admitted with fever, chills, headache and photophobia. Escherichia coli was isolated from cerebrospinal fluid culture.[]

  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

    Abstract On April 20, 2015, a female aged 15 years sought care at her pediatrician's office after 5 days of fever, myalgia, left parietal headache, and photophobia.[] viral encephalitis A86 Unspecified viral encephalitis A87 Viral meningitis A87.0 Enteroviral meningitis A87.1 Adenoviral meningitis A87.2 Lymphocytic choriomeningitis A87.8[] 10 days after exposure Presents as an acute influenza -like illness – fever of 101-104 F with chills and muscle rigidity Other symptoms – malaise, retro-orbital headache, photophobia[]

  • Cat Scratch Meningoencephalitis

    The aforementioned features of encephalitis, ADEM and AHLE distinguish patients with encephalitis from those with meningitis in whom abrupt onset of fever, headache, photophobia[] We can't treat viral meningitis either, but viral meningitis is usually less severe and causes less damage than bacterial meningitis.[] meningitis with mcc 098 Non-bacterial infection of nervous system except viral meningitis with cc 099 Non-bacterial infection of nervous system except viral meningitis without[]

  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Other uncommon clinical presentations include photophobia, diarrhea, hepatitis, epididymo-orchitis, arthritis, hemorrhagic diathesis, carditis, pneumonia, and even coma.[] Romero JR and Newland JG (2003) Viral meningitis and encephalitis: traditional and emerging agents. Seminars in Pediatric Infectious Diseases 14: 72–82.[] Sensitivity to light (photophobia). Medical treatment can help relieve the symptoms of Colorado tick fever.[]

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Symptoms can include fever, headache, photophobia, malaise, myalgias, and a petechial rash that begins on the wrists and ankles and spreads to the trunk.[] […] encephalitis, tuberculous meningitis, air embolism, and rarely mucopolysaccharidoses. 8 We suggest that in cases of encephalitis with MRI consistent with the starry sky pattern[] Later manifestations include rash, photophobia, confusion, ataxia, seizures, cough, dyspnea, arrhythmias, jaundice, and severe abdominal pain.[]

  • Echovirus Meningitis

    Symptoms included headache (100%), photophobia (87.5%), and nausea (67.5%), and severity ranged from minimal signs to those consistent with a meningoencephalitis.[] : Viral Meningitis - Echovirus 1.[] The second phase is characterized by signs of meningism, namely headache, neck stiffness, photophobia, as well as positive Kernig's and Brudinski's signs; these signs are[]

  • Mollaret's Meningitis

    Most common clinical presentation was recurrent episodes of headaches and photophobia followed by a sustained mild fever lasting 5-7 days.[] If you have experienced viral meningitis more than once, we would encourage you to ask your GP to investigate it to try and determine the cause.[] There was no photophobia or nuchal rigidity on exam, and full neurological exam was nonfocal.[]

  • Encephalitis

    […] confusion, drowsiness or disorientation seizures (fits) changes in personality and behaviour loss of consciousness Other symptoms can include: sensitivity to bright lights (photophobia[] These distinct clinical syndromes include acute bacterial meningitis, viral meningitis, encephalitis, focal infections such as brain abscess and subdural empyema, and infectious[] As the disease progress, it leads to neurological symptoms like confusion, paralysis, hallucinations, lethargy, neck stiffness and pain, headache, photophobia, etc.[]

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