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956 Possible Causes for Photophobia, Visual Acuity Decreased

  • Uveitis

    […] eye; consensual photophobia is typical of iritis, whereas photophobia due to more superficial causes, such as conjunctivitis, is direct but not consensual.[] Visual acuity is only decreased in severe cases associated with hypopyon. The signs of anterior uveitis include the following.[] Visual acuity may be decreased. Extraocular movement: generally normal.[]

  • Glaucoma

    A 55-year-old female was referred for a second opinion regarding her bilateral ocular pain, photophobia, and ocular hypertension.[] After 2 months, choroidal swelling had completely resolved, best-corrected visual acuity was 20/50, and intraocular pressure was 11 mm Hg.[] […] events Alpha‐agonists (e.g. apraclonidine, brimonidine) Allergic reactions Blurred vision Burning/stinging/discomfort Follicular conjunctival response Hyperemia Itching Photophobia[]

  • Iritis

    However, a red eye in conjunction with symptoms such as photophobia, pain, and decreased visual acuity is an important clue to a much more serious disorder.[] They may also have consensual photophobia, characterized by photophobia when light is directed to the unaffected eye.[] Complications can include decreased visual acuity and/or blindness, glaucoma, cataracts (duration of inflammation is directly related to risk), irregular pupil (due to synechia[]

  • Toxic Amblyopia

    The disorder involves lost vision, including scotomas (blind spots) and decreased visual acuity within the central portion of the visual field.[] Symptom Poisonous amblyopia symptoms common symptoms a lot of drinking after a sudden ... visual impairment photophobia blind spot on the red and green color can not tell[] This 42-year-old woman presented with decreased visual acuity OS.[]

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    We report the case of a 14-year-old girl with sudden onset of decreased visual acuity, headache and menstrual irregularity.[] […] present a 38-year old primigravid renal transplant patient at 7 weeks of gestation who presented with 2 weeks of intense, throbbing, holocranial headache, nausea, vomiting, photophobia[] visual acuity.[]

  • Toxic Retinopathy

    In keratopathy, patients complain of halos around light and photophobia.[] Visual acuity ranged from light perception with projection to counting fingers and decreased from 2 to 12 hours after ingestion.[] The ocular toxicities caused include diplopia, photophobia and, decreased visual acuity secondary to optic neuritis with or without disc edema or cortical blindness [ 44 ][]

  • Retinitis

    Removal of the cataracts may lessen glare and improve visual acuity. Decreased Visual Acuity A portion of RP patients, will experience a loss of central vision.[] In infants, RPE65 retinitis pigmentosa is characterised by severe night blindness and moderate photophobia.[] The visual acuity decrease was not statistically significant.[]

  • Albinism

    A 39-year-old man with foveal hypoplasia, nystagmus, and decreased visual acuity was found to have multiple, cutaneous, hypopigmented macules.[] […] year-old Caucasian girl of northern European ancestry presented with findings suggestive of ocular albinism, although she maintains good visual acuity and lacks nystagmus and photophobia[] It is associated with decreased visual acuity, nystagmus, strabismus, and photophobia.[]

  • Behçet Disease

    Anterior uveitis presents with painful eyes, conjuctival redness, hypopyon, and decreased visual acuity, while posterior uveitis presents with painless decreased visual acuity[] The retina may become inflamed resulting in blurred vision, abnormal sensitivity to light (photophobia), and/or, inflammation of the thin membranous layer of blood vessels[] Patients with ocular manifestations may present with blurred vision, photophobia, increased lacrimation and periorbital pain.[]

  • Oculomotor Apraxia

    Ocular Examination: Moderate photophobia noted during the exam.[] Two weeks later, when the patient was on prednisolone 0,5 mg/kg/day, he complained of decreased visual acuity of the left eye.[] Ocular disease presents with redness, photophobia, watering, and reduced vision.[]

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