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280 Possible Causes for Phthisis Bulbi

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  • Eyeball Injury

    An extreme eye injury can cause a globe rupture where the eyeball can split open. This can be due to trauma directly on the eye or around the eye. Watch this episode of A State of Sight with Isaac Porter, MD to learn more about this injury and the eye surgery options to help save the eye and restore vision.[…][]

  • Phthisis Bulbi

    PARTICIPANTS: Eighteen consecutive retinoblastoma patients with primary phthisis bulbi.[] bulbi enwiki Phthisis bulbi itwiki Phthisis bulbi jawiki 眼球癆 ruwiki Фтизис глазного яблока Wikibooks (0 entries) edit Wikinews (0 entries) edit Wikiquote (0 entries) edit[] PURPOSE: To describe a new technique for ocular volume augmentation at the time of evisceration in patients with phthisis bulbi and microphthalmos.[]

  • Scleromalacia Perforans

    A 51-year-old woman with bilateral scleromalacia perforans and advanced glaucoma in the left eye was evaluated. Glaucoma implant surgery with autogenous fascia lata graft for reinforcement of the underlying sclera and a patch graft overlying the tube to prevent tube erosion was planned because of insufficient[…][]

  • Scleromalacia

    To evaluate the use of preserved scleral graft with amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) for the surgical repair of scleromalacia. A prospective study of eight eyes (eight patients) was performed. We grafted glycerin-preserved sclera onto the areas of scleral thinning with impending perforation and then[…][]

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

    We describe a case of a term parturient previously clinically diagnosed with hypermobility type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) but later diagnosed with a genotype that may be associated with vascular type EDS. This 26-yr-old primigravida had been clinically diagnosed with hypermobility type EDS prior to her pregnancy.[…][]

  • Endophthalmitis

    Severe adverse sequelae, including phthisis bulbi and enucleation, occur often despite early and aggressive treatment.[] Evolution was poor as two of the three patients progressed to phthisis bulbi despite surgical measures and broad-spectrum antifungal antibiotic therapy.[] Two cases (22%) were enucleated and one case (11%) had phthisis bulbi.[]

  • Osteoporosis-Pseudoglioma Syndrome

    These include microphthalmos, cataracts, bilateral pseudogliomatous retinal detachments, and phthisis bulbi.[] An analysis of the present and literature data showed that vitreoretinal dysplasia or phthisis bulbi and X-ray evidence of osteoporosis must be considered minimal diagnostic[] Reported eye findings include pseudoglioma, phthisis bulbi, microphthalmia, cataracts, absent anterior eye chambers and various vitreoretinal abnormalities.[]

  • Norrie Disease

    bulbi in her right eye.[] bulbi.[] […] experience with Norrie disease to determine if early vitrectomy abrogates the natural history of this rare disease; namely, bilateral no light perception visual acuity and phthisis[]

  • Sympathetic Ophthalmia

    In one case the disease developed following phthisis bulbi after small-pox, though in this case also the phthisis bulbi had resulted from perforation of a small-pox ulcer[] MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Hypotony (including phthisis bulbi), sympathetic ophthalmia.[] Ultrasonography (US) revealed disorganized ocular contents and markedly reduced axial length of the right eye confirming phthisis bulbi.[]

  • Ocular Chalcosis

    Phthisis bulbi is a shrunken, [1] non-functional eye .[] Steroids Atropine Enucleation Uveitis — corticosteroids Complications Cataract Glaucoma Phthisis bulbi CHEMICAL INJURY ( most important ocular injury ) Modes of injury: Domestic[] CHALCOSIS Specific changes produced by alloys of copper in the eye IOFB with high copper content involves violent endophthalmitis often with progression to phthisis bulbi[]

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