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7 Possible Causes for Pigmentation of the Ear Cartilage

  • Alkaptonuria

    We report a 33-year-old woman who presented with alkaptonuria and ochronotic pigment deposited in articular cartilage and cartilage of the ear and sclera.[] […] the ear (where cartilage is just below the skin) and the whites of the eyes (vision is unaffected).[] Pigmentation of the sclera and ear cartilage occurred only after the age of 30 years and was extremely variable in severity ( Figure 3 ).[]

  • Radio-Ulnar Synostosis - Retinal Pigment Abnormalities Syndrome

    […] of sclerae, ear cartilage, sweat, cerumen, and urine, NORMAL intellegence - Dx: urine homogentisic acid - Dark diaper - Tx: low phylalanince and tyrosine - Cystathionine[] […] dextrose, Diazoxide (definitive tx) - Sx: rash, alopecia, ataxia/coma - Labs: high anion gap metabolic acidosis (lactic acid high) - Tx: biotin supplementation - Sx: dark pigmentation[]

  • Ochronosis with Alkaptonuria

    […] the ears, face, and hands, and cause standing urine to be dark colored and contain pigmented casts; pigmentation is thought to result from oxidized homogentisic acid, and[] One of the earliest signs is thickening of ear cartilage associated with blue-black or grey-blue in discolouration.[] Clinically, in ochronosis, there is blue-black pigmentation of the ears, nose, cheeks, neck, dorsum of the hands, and palmoplantar region resulting from binding of homogentisic[]

  • Tyrosinemia Type 3

    Alkaptonuria Presentation Pigmentation of sclera and ear cartilage, arthritis, heart disease later in life, urine darkens on standing.[] The pigmentation does not affect vision . • Ear cartilage pigmentation is first seen in the concha and antihelix, and later in the tragus.[] Calcification of the ear cartilage may be observed on radiographs. • Pigment also appears in cerumen and in perspiration, causing discoloration of clothing. • A deep purple[]

  • Histidinemia

    Cause & Clinical: without Homogenitase oxidase intermediate product: homogenitasic acid will increase URINE. later, black pigment in cartilage and other connective tissues[] […] causing arthritis. discoloration: - skin - ears - sclera - sweat Tx: treat Sx if needed. no major treatment it's benign.[]

  • Aminoaciduria

    […] alkaptonuria (HGA binds to collagen and other connective tissues and this causes degenerative arthritis and pigmentation of the cartilage and tendons) In alkaptonuria, where[] […] of the eyes and ears) and arthritis?[] […] fumerate and acetoacetate but in this case alternate pathways are followed and there is an increased production of HGA) Which aminoaciduria is commonly seen with ochronosis (pigmentation[]

  • Aortic Valve Calcification

    Externally, ochronosis is manifested by ear cartilage and sclera pigmentation (4).[] Radiographic changes with intervertebral cartilages calcification are typical and almost pathognomonic.[]

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