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1,655 Possible Causes for plate, shears

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  • Tenosynovitis

    Our aim was to evaluate the feasibility of using shear wave elastography (SWE) to assess first extensor compartment tendons rigidity and its alterations with tenosynovitis[] The incidence of tenosynovitis was 4.5 percent with volar plates and 7.5 percent with dorsal plates.[] The incidence of tendon rupture was 1.5 percent with volar plates and 1.7 percent with dorsal plates.[]

  • Progeria

    […] apparent vasculopathy, to 75 dynes/cm2 shear stress for 30 minutes using a microfluidic system.[] A classic HGPS case, of Korean ancestry, previously treated for severe coxa valga with bilateral varus osteotomies using blade plate fixation is presented.[] […] previously undescribed autopsy findings including premature loss of hair follicles, premature regression of the renal nephrogenic layer, and premature closure of the growth plates[]

  • Leber Congenital Amaurosis

    We designed a unique and flexible workflow for targeted resequencing of all 236 exons from 16 LCA genes based on quantitative PCR (qPCR) amplicon ligation, shearing, and parallel[] Four of seven subjects were unable to read any of the HRR plates.[] For comparison, subjects were also tested using the American Optical Hardy Rand Rittler (AO-HRR) plates. Each assessment was repeated three times.[]

  • Soft Tissue Injury

    They are a result of a shearing injury, commonly from being run over by rubber tires in motor vehicle collisions 2 .[] The aim of this study was to explore the efficacy and safety of the posteromedial anatomical plate for such fractures.[] plate is required for stability, but contraindicated because of the status of the soft tissues or extensive comminution of the bone.[]

  • Laceration

    Canalicular injury in these 17 was due to dog bite (9 patients) and shearing trauma (8 patients).[] We report a case of flexor pollicis longus and flexor digitorum profundus(II) laceration as a result of the severe tenosynovitis after volar locking plate fixation of distal[] Classification type I - compression rupture : most common type of laceration that usually occurs as a 2-8 cm lesion in the central lung type II - compression shear : occurs[]

  • Cough

    It was observed that a viscous shear force is the main mechanism in the cough clearance process, while the glottis closure time and the epiglottis position do not have a significant[] This report describes the technique used to reconstruct the thoracic wall with mesh and plate-osteosynthesis.[]

  • Lithium

    The aim of this study is to compare the shear bond strengths of conventional resin cement and self-adhesive resin cement bonded to lithium disilicate.[] To describe the successful use of biphasic calcium sulfate for improving the buccal plate thickness in an immediate postextraction implant, and its fi nal restoration with[] They exhibit low self-discharge, and like lead acid cells, must be float charged as they approach a full state, though in this case, it is to prevent plating out metallic[]

  • Preterm Labor

    In SWE, stiffness is measured based on how fast a mechanical shear wave propagates through the tissue.[] ., choriodecidua, amnion, chorionic-plate) of acute-histologic chorioamnionitis (acute-HCA) and/or funisitis according to the presence or absence of intra-amniotic inflammation[] The HSPC density was greater in the chorionic plate (CP) compared to the villi (P .001) and greater in PE and iPTL samples as compared to controls within the CP (not significant[]

  • Fasciola Gigantica

    By 96h post-treatment, the disruption was extremely severe and the tegument was completely sheared off causing deeper lesions that exposed the underlying musculature.[] The ELISA plates were sensitized with chicken egg cystatin and incubated with bacterial lysates containing the recombinant protein before the standard ELISA procedures were[]

  • Sodium Nitrite

    For collagen-coated fibers, nitrite production reached a maximum at 18 dyn/cm(2) shear stress.[] […] mutagens derived from sodium nitrite buffered at various pH values or in the presence of human feces were detected using Ames Salmonella tester strain TA 1535 on petrie plates[] The decreased plating efficiency of the cells and the inhibition of de novo DNA synthesis induced by these substances aroused the question whether they also have genotoxic[]

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