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2,628 Possible Causes for plateau

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  • Osteoporosis

    BACKGROUND: Impaired bone structure poses a challenge for the treatment of osteoporotic tibial plateau fractures.[] In long-term administration, BPs reach a plateau in BMD response after 2-3 years, especially at the hip, while BMD increases progressively for as long as Dmab is administered[] After achieving peak, bone mass plateaus for about 10 yr, during which time bone formation approximately equals bone resorption.[]

  • Sinusitis

    The symptoms start pretty early and then kind of plateau, but by day 10, they ought to start decreasing.[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Crs was calculated from the inspiratory volume and the pressure plateau and related to body weight.[] Only occlusions during which there was no flow, a mouth pressure plateau of at least 100 ms in duration and a linear flow–volume plot after the occlusion was terminated were[]

  • Insect Bite

    As the duration of protection plateaus at concentrations higher than 50 percent, there is no need to use repellents with concentrations greater than this [6].[]

  • Dementia

    However, others plateau at a relatively mild stage of decline and are able to live independently. Some people with mild cognitive impairment even return to normal.[]

  • Femoral Neck Fracture

    […] a case of a 57-year-old man with a high-energy ipsilateral inter-trochanteric hip fracture, comminuted distal third femoral shaft fracture, and displaced lateral tibial plateau[]

  • Fracture

    DIAGNOSES: Tibial plateau fracture(AO type 41-B3).[] Tibial plateau fractures combined with tibial tubercle fractures are not common.[] LESSONS: We recommend anterolateral tibial plateau osteotomy for the treatment of posterolateral tibial plateau fractures in clinical practice.[]

  • Infertility

    A 40 years old man from the Jos Plateau, North Central Nigeria presented with primary infertility after ten years of marriage.[]

  • Lepirudin

    Activated partial thromboplastin curves reached a plateau at DTI concentrations 2 µg/mL, suggesting that the aPTT may not reliably detect overdosing.[] However, several studies have demonstrated a plateau effect of higher concentrations of lepirudin on APTT ratios and variable results when comparing different APTT reagents[]

  • Methyclothiazide

    […] pressure within four weeks; the late responders (27.3 percent) showed a modest reduction in diastolic blood pressure during the first four weeks of therapy, followed by a plateau[]

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