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42 Possible Causes for Pneumothorax, Subcutaneous Crepitus

  • Subcutaneous Emphysema

    Crepitation, subcutaneous (subcutaneous crepitus, subcutaneous emphysema) . 2. Agarwal IT, Long DE. Radiological Case of the Month Discussion .[] Computed tomography of the thorax confirmed the presence of right pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema.[] We present two cases of pneumomediastinum, pneumothorax, and subcutaneous emphysema caused by colonoscopic perforation.[]

  • Pneumothorax

    Other symptoms of pneumothorax are cough, anxiety and general feeling of malaise. Hypoxia and hypotension are characteristic of tension pneumothorax.[] Catamenial Pneumothorax Catamenial pneumothorax occurs typically within 24–72 h after onset of menstruation.[] Also, symptoms are dependent on the type of pneumothorax.[]

  • Alveolar Rupture

    Physical examination showed that the patient had recovered from perioral cyanosis, but she had developed subcutaneous emphysema with crepitus over the clavicle and axillary[] Tension pneumothorax A sustained increase of pleural pressure ('tension') often complicates a pneumothorax arising during mechanical ventilation.[] On physical examination, crepitus (subcutaneous emphysema) is commonly present in the chest wall or neck.[]

  • Mediastinal Emphysema

    She was also noticed to have subcutaneous swelling and crepitus over the neck and upper anterior chest region, bilateral rhonchi with prolonged expiratory phase.[] We describe a 36 year-old man with SLE, complicated by bilateral pneumothorax, mediastinal emphysema and pneumoperitoneum.[] Key Words Pneumothorax SLE Mediastinal Emphysema Subcutaneous Emphysema This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.[]

  • Traumatic Perforation of the Trachea

    Simple pneumothorax converts to a tension pneumothorax if the lung defect acts as a one way valve, which allows ongoing air leak into pleural space without letting it leak[] Primary repair of these injuries is considered the best treatment; with a buttressed repair to prevent fistula formation to the esophagus or dehiscence leading to recurrent pneumothorax[] […] correct simulated human torso and AirSim airway facilitate training in tracheostomy, needle & surgical cricothyroidotomy, chest tube insertion, needle decompression of tension pneumothorax[]

  • Bronchopleural Fistula

    One week postdischarge, a chest radiograph revealed no pneumothorax.[] […] of his face, chest, and extremities due to subcutaneous air (Figure).[] Patients who develop bronchopleural fistula after lung resection or spontaneous pneumothorax often have multiple co-morbidities making them poor candidates for repeated surgical[]

  • Tracheobronchial Injury

    The chest wall was non-tender without crepitus. No abnormalities were obtained in neurological examination.[] A 12-year-old boy presented after a motorbike accident with mediastinal and cervical emphysema but no pneumothorax, minor head injury and several fractures including a comminuted[] Air is trapped in the chest cavity outside the lungs (pneumothorax) in about 70% of TBI.[]

  • Flail Chest

    The majority of patients were older than 55 years (n 89, 59.3%), 80 (53.3%) presented with an hemo-, or/and pneumothorax, 36 (24%) sustained a head injury and 25 (16.7%) needed[] It's tension pneumothorax which is closed so I am thinking away from the affected side. Am I right?? THANK YOU!![] Obstruction - Anxiety, stridor, hoarseness, altered mental status - Apnea, cyanosis - Do not wait for ABG's to intubate - definitive airway management - intubate early Tension Pneumothorax[]

  • Bronchial Injury

    Initial pneumothorax resolved with chest tube placement, but recurred. Pt recovered, but developed bronchial occlusion after 24 days.[] The first symptom of main bronchial injury is pneumothorax, which often cause serious lung compression and even tension pneumothorax.[] Plain radiograph subcutaneous emphysema in the chest and/or neck pneumothorax pneumomediastinum endotracheal tube balloon overinflation abnormal shape herniation into the[]

  • Penetrating Chest Trauma

    He had palpable subcutaneous crepitus over the chest and abdomen with massive scrotal swelling, and his back exam revealed multiple penetrating wounds ( Figure 1 ).[] […] the flap) seals itself on inspiration building up intra thoracic pressure the thing i dont understand is that if there is penetratng trauma (one of the causes of tension pneumothorax[] The authors discuss mechanisms of injury, nursing assessment, and interventions for penetrating injuries resulting in cardiac rupture, cardiac tamponade, tension pneumothorax[]

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