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730 Possible Causes for Polyhydramnios, Spina Bifida

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  • Anencephaly

    For the 241 spina bifida-affected live births in 2009 in Germany, the estimated additional lifetime direct medical costs compared with non-spina bifida affected births were[] In the 35 dichorionic pregnancies that were managed expectantly, 20 (57.1%) developed polyhydramnios at 25-31 weeks; 13 were managed expectantly, five had amniodrainage and[] Therefore, selective fetocide of the anencephalic fetus is a management option, at least in dichorionic pregnancies, to prevent polyhydramnios and to reduce the risk of preterm[]

  • Polyhydramnios

    Etiology- Fetal Anencephaly Esophageal atresia Spina Bifida Cleft lip & Palate Hydrocephalus Aneuploidy 6. Etiology- Placental Normal Placenta Chorioangioma 7.[] Sonography of polyhydramnios.[] Folic acid helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. Your healthcare provider can help you choose a prenatal vitamin that is right for you.[]

  • Multiple Pregnancy

    Birth defects Multiple birth babies have about twice the risk for problems present at birth (congenital) such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects, and problems of[] Polyhydramnios. Placental site. X-ray If ultrasound is not available it can detect foetal heads and vertebral columns.[] bifida).[]

  • Cloacal Exstrophy

    While spina bifida is a defining feature of cloacal exstrophy, patients are not routinely screened for intracranial anomalies (ICAs).[] Polyhydramnios was present in four of the six cases.[] A CT scan showed asymmetrical spina bifida on the right side extending from L2 to L5, and symmetrical spina bifida below S1.[]

  • Bladder Duplication

    Associated duplication anomalies of the lower gastrointestinal tract have been reported in up to 42% of cases and spina bifida, meningocele, or myelomengocele has been reported[] Mother was a non-diabetic and had polyhydramnios.[] They found associated duplication of the lower gastrointestinal tract in 42%, external genitalia in 90% and spina bifida, meningocele or myelomengocele in 15% of cases.[]

  • Neural Tube Defects, X-Linked

    Prevention - Anencephaly and spina bifida X-linked Not supplied. Diagnosis - Anencephaly and spina bifida X-linked Not supplied.[] […] defects NTD risk NTDs Obstet Gynecol occipital encephalocele OEIS complex OMIM omphalocele palate patients Pediatr periconceptional phenotype polycystic kidneys polydactyly Polyhydramnios[] The authors report a family in which four cases of anencephaly or spina bifida may represent X-linked inheritance.[]

  • Iniencephaly

    Cases were divided by sex and the presence or absence of spina bifida.[] […] vaginal delivery was accomplished in six of the remaining seven cases, one delivered spontaneously at 29 weeks and five were induced between 28-32 weeks due to increasing polyhydramnios[] […] system disorders, malformations of the abdominal (omphalocele) and thoracic walls (diaphragmatic hernia) were found most frequently and the tendency to develop associated polyhydramnios[]

  • Mosaic Trisomy 1

    […] polymorphism pregnancy Prenat Diagn prenatal diagnosis renal reported prenatal diagnosis Risk Factors Associated risk of NTDs sacral Sacrococcygeal teratoma sonographic spina[] The mother was diagnosed with polyhydramnios. The patient was a 37week, 2989g infant born by NSVD.[] Babies with trisomy 18 may also have spina bifida, eye problems, cleft lip and palate, and hearing loss.[]

  • Cleft of Hard Palate

    bifida) 741.90 thyroid cartilage 748.3 trachea 748.3 tympanic membrane 744.29 uterus (with communication to bladder, intestine, or rectum) 752.39 uvula 749.02 vitelline duct[] Type-specific sonographic features include: type III: may be seen as a premaxillary echogenic mass 8 Ancillary sonographic features there can be polyhydramnios if the defect[] It is known that folic acid does reduce the risk of another unrelated birth defect called spina bifida. This is an opening in the spine.[]

  • Preterm Labor

    Spina bifida is a birth defect of the spine.[] Ultrasound examination revealed polyhydramnios and a clot around the umbilical cord without retroplacental hematoma.[] A 35-year-old woman, gravida 1, para 0, was hospitalized with suspected mild myotonic dystrophy, polyhydramnios and preterm labor at 33 weeks.[]

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