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4 Possible Causes for Posterior Cortical Thickening of Fibulae

  • Weismann Netter Syndrome

    The diagnostic findings of WNS are anterior bowing of the diaphyses of tibia and fibula, broadening or "tibialization" of the fibula and posterior cortical thickening of the[] A rare disorder in which there is an anterior bowing and posterior cortical thickening of the diaphyses of both tibiae and fibulae.[] Weismann-Netter-Stuhl (WNS) syndrome is a rare skeletal anomaly that affects the diaphyseal part of both the tibiae and fibulae with posterior cortical thickening and anteroposterior[]

  • Pachydermoperiostosis, Autosomal Dominant

    His radiographs revealed prominent soft tissue thickening of both knees and hands and posterior cortical thickening with subperiosteal new bone formation of bilateral fibula[] Citation: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports 2017, 1; 10.1530/EDM-17-0029 Download Figure Figure 8 Radiograph of tibia/fibula which demonstrated posterior cortical[] thickening with subperiosteal new bone formation of bilateral fibula.[]

  • Congenital Cortical Hyperostoses

    (A) Lateral lower leg radiograph and (B) sagittal CT image of the tibia demonstrate dense cortical thickening (arrows) along the posterior fibula that simulates dripping candle[] (A) AP and (B) lateral radiographs of the proximal tibia demonstrate linear cortical thickening (arrows) along the proximal tibia and fibula, which corresponds to an enthesophyte[] The tibial calcification extends lateral to medial along the posterior cortex Click here to view Subperiosteal hematoma The periosteum is a highly vascular thick fibrous membrane[]

  • Paraplegia - Brachydactyly - Cone-Shaped Epiphysis Syndrome

    , bilaterally, symmetrically at middiaphysis thickening of posterior tibial fibular cortices minor radioulnar bowing kyphoscoliosis extensive dural calcification DDx: Luetic[] […] painless nonprogressive bilateral anterior leg bowing Age: beginning in early childhood • may be accompanied by mental retardation, goiter, anemia anterior bowing of tibia fibula[]

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