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622 Possible Causes for Posterior Subcapsular Cataract

  • Radiation-induced Cataract

    CONCLUSIONS: ICs, in France as elsewhere, are at high risk of posterior subcapsular cataracts.[] Cataract Other: Slit lamp eye examination Detailed Description: This is an observational, cross-sectional study to evaluate the prevalence of posterior subcapsular cataract[] It is most often encountered as posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC). Early stages may not cause visual impairment.[]

  • Posterior Subcapsular Cataract

    To report an association of posterior subcapsular cataract with Degos disease. Case report of a 42-year-old man.[] Posterior subcapsular cataract is a relatively common type of cataract which develops in the posterior capsule of the lens and causes visual impairment, especially while reading[] The structure of human posterior subcapsular cataract affects the operation for posterior subcapsular cataract.[]

  • Cataract

    • Long-term steroid therapy is associated with production of a posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC).[] CONCLUSIONS: Posterior subcapsular cataracts had profound effects on cataract grade based on wide-field fundus imaging.[] Past smokers had an elevated risk of posterior subcapsular (RR, 1.44; 95% Cl, 0.97 to 2.13; P .07) but not nuclear sclerosis cataract.[]

  • Intumescent Cataract

    The electrolyte ratio (Na K) and greatly decreased glutathione content are also grossly pathological in the subcapsular cataract (cataracta complicata, posterior subcapsular[] In the USA, most cataract surgery is being performed on very immature cataracts, i.e. cortical; posterior subcapsular; nuclear ; corticonuclear.[] MORPHOLOGIC: 1.CAPSULAR CATARACT -ANTERIOR CAPSULAR CATARACT -POSTERIOR CAPSULAR CATARACT 2.SUB CAPSULAR CATARACT -ANTERIOR SUBCAPSULAR CATARACT -POSTERIOR SUBCAPSULAR CATARACT[]

  • Diabetic Cataract

    The type of cataract was similar in all patients characterized by bilateral snowflake type cortical deposits and posterior subcapsular cataract.[] In patients with severe cataract or posterior subcapsular cataract that disturbs fundus observation, however, initial cataract surgery should be followed by treatment for[] Diabetic patients tend to develop cataracts at an earlier age and may be more prone to developing posterior subcapsular cataracts than our other patients.[]

  • Lamellar Cataract

    Slit lamp examination of the left eye indicated a thinning cornea without stromal scarring, 2 nuclear sclerosis with a 1 posterior subcapsular cataract.[] Lamellar cataract (opacity within the cortex only) Cortical cataract A closer view of a wedge-shaped cortical cataract Posterior subcapsular cataracts Posterior subcapsular[] Posted by on September 22, 2010 Blue Dot cataract-MC congenital cataract. Posterior Subcapsular cataract-Radiation catact,steroid induced cataract.[]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa 23

    subcapsular cataracts characterized by yellowish crystalline changes in the visual axis of the posterior lens cortex Dust-like particles in the vitreous Hyaline bodies of[] The crystalline lenses were clear and in situ in both eyes of 77 (80.2%) patients and bilateral posterior subcapsular cataract in seven (7.3%) patients.[] […] fine dust-like intraretinal pigmentation, and loss of pigment from the pigment epithelium Moderate to severe retinal vessel attenuation and waxy pallor of the optic nerve Posterior[]

  • Early-Onset Nuclear Cataract

    21 had posterior subcapsular cataract.[] Posterior Subcapsular Cataract Posterior subcapsular cataracts (PSCs) can be due to age-related changes.[] Lens opacity can develop in several locations: Central lens nucleus (nuclear cataract) Beneath the posterior lens capsule (posterior subcapsular cataract) On the side of the[]

  • Early-Onset Anterior Polar Cataract

    ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes: H25.041– Posterior subcapsular polar senile cataract, right eye H25.042– Posterior subcapsular polar senile cataract, left eye H25.043– Posterior subcapsular[] […] polar and posterior subcapsular cataracts Cataract type Anterior polar cataract Posterior subcapsular cataract Location Anterior visual axis Posterior visual axis Causes[] Anterior subcapsular cataract Posterior subcapsular cataract Cataracts can also be described according the their cause and examples include: Age-related cataracts – Age-related[]

  • Anterior Polar Cataract

    J Cataract Refract Surg . 2000 Jul. 26(7):1066-71. [Medline] . Streeten BW, Eshaghian J. Human posterior subcapsular cataract. A gross and flat preparation study.[] . * PSC   posterior subcapsular opacity; APC   anterior polar cataract.[] […] senile cataract 366.13 Anterior subcapsular polar senile cataract 366.14 Posterior subcapsular polar senile cataract 366.15 Cortical senile cataract 366.16 Senile nuclear[]

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