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156 Possible Causes for Postural Defect, Spine Pain

  • Spinal Osteochondrosis

    Children suffering from postural defects, structural scoliosis and spinal osteochondrosis were separated from a normal group.[] Osteochondrosis can occur in different segment of spine – neck, chest, and lower back . Symptoms Pain in spine. Pain in lower back, in middle back and in cervical spine.[] Key words Spinal mobility Structural scoliosis Spinal osteochondrosis Postural defects This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.[]

  • Sacroiliac Strain

    This biomechanical theorem is supported by the presence of an associated postural defect as a common finding.[] The examiner must be familiar with the signs of both hypo-mobility and hyper-mobility of the SI joints and the role they play in mechanical low back pain.[] A postural defect, such as pelvic inclination and/or excessive lumbar lordosis is an associated finding.[]

  • Spina Bifida Occulta

    This study supports the hypothesis that SBO impairs control of postural sway in both the resting upright and stressful postures.[] I have severe back pain in the lower spine - could this be connected?[] pain or sciatica.[]

  • Spondylolisthesis

    A defect in pars interarticularis leads to this form. Hyperextended posture is the common cause.[] You may notice: Pain in the spine Pain, pins and needles, numbness or weakness due to pressure on nerve roots (running down the legs or arms) Difficult walking due to pain[] Gravitational and postural forces cause the greatest stress at the pars interarticularis.[]

  • Kyphosis

    It may be caused over time by a number of factors, including congenital defects, osteoporosis, bad posture, and even nutritional deficiencies.[] If pain develops it strikes the spine’s highest point. This pain generally worsens with activity and long periods of standing or sitting.[] . • Birth defects. 15.[]

  • Osteitis Condensans Ilii

    The most important single measure has been the correction, where possible, of obvious postural defects.[] However, I have also been suffering from pain in my coccyx/lumbar spine and numbness mainly down L leg but occasionally now also R leg.[] Some of the causes include - post epidural anesthesia, degenerative spine disease or muscular pain.[]

  • Postural Defect

    Postural defects Most people are born with a slight postural defect, such as having one leg slightly longer than the other.[] , is placed upon the lower portions of the spine, resulting in pain that can be very severe in some cases.[] Spine, 2004, 29 (21), 2350-2356. 19. Mendez F.J., Gomez-Conesa A., Postural Hygiene Program to Prevent Low Back Pain. Spine, 2001, 26 (11), 1280-1286.[]

  • Osteitis

    The most important single measure has been the correction, where possible, of obvious postural defects.[] […] referred pain, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and OP ( 3 ).[] Increased head size, bowing of limb, or curvature of spine -- may occur in advanced cases. Hip pain -- may occur when Paget's disease affects the pelvis or thighbone.[]

  • Lumbar Osteoarthritis

    Some of these causes can include: Wear and tear due to aging Injuries such as whiplash A genetic cartilage defect Poor posture Repetitive movement Obesity Poor diet Genetics[] Here are some common symptoms of OA in the spine: Stiffness of the spine Spine pain that is worse after standing or sitting Pain in the low-back which spreads to the hips,[] Pain Practice. 2008;8(1):18-44. Rubin, DI. Epidemiology and risk factors for spine pain. Neurology Clinical. 2007;25:353-71[]

  • Lumbar Spine Disorder

    Congenital defects include abnormal curvature of the spine or abnormal posture, leg pain and urinary difficulties.[] Pain in the lumbar spine region may generate from bones, joints, discs,muscles and nerves. Pain may radiate to the lower limbs.[] […] birth defect in which the spinal column of the fetus does not close completely during development inside the womb Spine infections Spine tumors Doctors do not know what causes[]

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