59 Possible Causes for Preauricular Swelling

  • Pleomorphic Adenoma

    Facial asymmetry was evident due to a diffuse swelling on right lower third of the face in the preauricular region ( Figure 1 ). Skin over the swelling revealed scaring.[pubs.sciepub.com]

  • Parotid Duct Obstruction

    A swelling on the preauricular and postauricular region of the down-facing (left) side of her head extending to the angle of the mandibula was noted [Figure 1] .[saudija.org] We report a swelling in the left preauricular and postauricular region extending to the angle of the mandibule in a 35-year-old patient after left lateral decubitus position[saudija.org] Keywords: Anesthesia, anesthesia mumps, salivary gland swelling How to cite this article: Postaci A, Aytac I, Oztekin CV, Dikmen B.[saudija.org]

  • Oculoglandular Tularemia

    Louis Children's Hospital on January 12, 1972, because of preauricular and cervical lymphadenopathy.[pediatrics.aappublications.org] Within two days, lethargy, fever (104 F) and painful swelling of the entire right side of his face and neck were noted.[pediatrics.aappublications.org]

  • Mumps

    Mumps Synonyms Epidemic parotitis Child with mumps Specialty Infectious disease Symptoms Fever , muscle pain , headache , feeling tired , painful swelling of the parotid gland Kanra G, Isik P, Kara A, Cengiz AB, Seçmeer G, Ceyhan M (2004). "Complementary findings in clinical and epidemiologic features of mumps and mumps[…][en.wikipedia.org]

  • African Histoplasmosis

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia African histoplasmosis is an infection caused by Histoplasma duboisii . [1] : 316 Disease has been most often reported in Uganda, Nigeria, Zaire and Senegal. In human disease it manifests differently than histoplasmosis (caused by Histoplasma capsulatum ), most often involving the[…][en.wikipedia.org]

  • Sialadenitis

    This article needs attention from an expert on the subject . Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. When placing this tag, consider associating this request with a WikiProject . (May 2010) Sialadenitis ( sialoadenitis ) is inflammation of a salivary gland . It may[…][en.wikipedia.org]

  • Sialolithiasis

    Sialolithiasis (also termed salivary calculi , [1] or salivary stones ), [1] is a condition where a calcified mass or sialolith forms within a salivary gland, usually in the duct of the submandibular gland (also termed " Wharton's duct "). Less commonly the parotid gland or rarely the sublingual gland or a minor salivary[…][en.wikipedia.org]

  • Furunculosis

    Ibler KS, Kromann CB. Recurrent furunculosis-challenges and management: a review. Clin Cosmetic Invest Dermatol. 2017;7:59-64. El-Gilany AH, Fathy H. Risk factors of recurrent furunculosis. Dermatol Online J. 2009;15:16. Dahl MV. Strategies for the management of recurrent furunculosis. South Med J. 1987;80:352-6.[…][ijmedicine.com]

  • Oral Submucous Fibrosis

    swelling but may cause considerable diagnostic difficulty.[clinicalimagingscience.org] […] precursor to oral cancer, particularly squamous cell carcinoma, seen in 7.6% of the cases. [5] Masseter muscle hypertrophy usually presents as a relatively firm painless preauricular[clinicalimagingscience.org]

  • Familial Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition

    He complained of acute pain and swelling in the right preauricular region and had difficulty opening his mouth.[nature.com] In this case, a 56-year-old caucasian male presented with right sided preauricular swelling, temporomandibular joint arthralgia and restricted mouth opening; he developed[nature.com] Key points Crystal deposition diseases are a differential diagnosis for preauricular pain, swelling and limited mouth-opening along with the more obvious temporomandibular[nature.com]

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