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753 Possible Causes for Preauricular Swelling, Subcutaneous Mass

  • Furunculosis

    Furunculosis is a type of skin infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus. It presents as a red, tender and painful nodule - furuncle (or boil). The most common sites are the neck, face, axilla, and the gluteal region. It may occur in any individual, but is most common among young males. Predisposing factors include[…][]

  • Kimura Disease

    mass at the hip.[] […] in right side of neck and right preauricular region since last 4 years.[] Diffuse atrophy of subcutaneous fat was observed at the sites of the masses.[]

  • Sinusitis

    Conidiobolomycosis presents as a painless, firm, subcutaneous mass that primarily involves the head and face, whereas basidiobolomycosis involves the trunk and/or extremities[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling
  • Osteoporosis

    Daily subcutaneous injections of the synthetic N-terminal portion of PTH, teriparatide, can increase bone mass and strength by markedly increasing bone formation, while only[] Although it was shown more than 60 years ago that intermittent administration of low doses of PTH could increase bone mass in animals, an effective clinical approach was only[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling
  • Otitis Media

    Abstract Septic arthritis of the temporomandibular joint (SATMJ) is an extremely rare disease with characteristic features of preauricular pain, swelling, redness, and malocclusion[]

    Missing: Subcutaneous Mass
  • Lipoma

    We report a case of an intramuscular lipoma occurring as a subcutaneous midline nasal mass in a 3-month-old infant.[] Five patients presented with solitary and one with multiple subcutaneous masses measuring 5 to 9cm (median, 7.5cm).[] Differential Diagnosis: Subcutaneous Mass X.[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling
  • Cutaneous Pseudolymphoma

    We report a case in which a 63-year-old female presented with a 5-month history of a progressive skin eruption and an enlarging subcutaneous mass following a presumed insect[] Excisional biopsy showed this to be a pseudolymphoma extending from the dermis into the subcutaneous tissue.[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling
  • Subcutaneous Abscess

    Awareness of the fact that C. ulcerans can cause a subcutaneous, elastic-hard, less-mobile mass with heat, redness and pain in the extremities is important for differential[] A subcutaneous abscess presents as a painful edematous mass with induration.[] Caseous material drained from subcutaneous collection (e) Figure 1 Clinical presentation: dorsal (a) and paramedian (b) masses localized in the right side of the thorax.[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling
  • Plexiform Neurofibroma

    Clinically, it presents as a subcutaneous mass which feels like a "bag of worms".[] Clinically, patients present with an irregular, tortuous subcutaneous or dermal mass resembling a "bag of worms".[] Most of the time, it is a superficial cutaneous/subcutaneous lesion, but it can occur almost anywhere in the body. Symptoms may be related to local mass effect.[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling
  • Lymph Node Metastasis

    Two subcutaneous masses of 2 cm 1 cm were found below the original incision 10 months after the operation, and regional lymphadenectomy was performed.[] The patient had a left inguinal subcutaneous mass 3 cm 2 cm in size for 4 years, and received a wide local excision of the tumour. Pathological sectioning suggested CAC.[]

    Missing: Preauricular Swelling

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