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4,213 Possible Causes for Pregnancy, Rigor

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Diagnosis may be difficult if the obstetrician is not aware that these infections can occur during pregnancy.[] Therefore, we individually assessed the following domains of potential bias: source population, method of participant selection, rigor of the exposure measurement, rigor of[] Instrucciones para obtener Eduación Continua Cdc-pdf 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines Overview Webinar – June 22, 2015 The STD Treatment Guidelines were developed through a rigorous[]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    Uncontrolled hyperthyroidism in pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of perinatal complications.[] Some investigators suggest that the upper limit of normal for serum TSH concentration should be 2.5 mIU/L 11 in a population rigorously screened to exclude thyroid disease[] .0b013e31822c6388 , PMID: 21851752 Issn Print: 0029-7828 Publication Date: 2011/06/01 Checking for direct PDF access through Ovid Abstract Uncontrolled hyperthyroidism in pregnancy[]

  • Septic Abortion

    CONCLUSION: Pregnancy after endometrial ablation is a rare and potentially morbid event.[] Septicemia was defined by a positive blood culture rigors. Hypotension was assumed to be due to hemorrhage unless endotoxic shock was positively identified.[] Clinical features: – pyrexia : associated with the chills and rigors suggest blood stream spread of infection.[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Women with pyelonephritis in pregnancy were more likely to be black or Hispanic, young, less educated, nulliparous, initiate prenatal care late, and smoke during pregnancy[] Febrile patients commonly exhibit chills or rigor as well, alongside fatigue and weakness. Temperature is not expected to exceed an average of 103 F (39.4 C).[] Fever is variable but can be high enough to produce rigors. Malaise, nausea, vomiting, anorexia and occasionally diarrhoea occur.[]

  • Listeriosis

    CONCLUSIONS: Pregnancy-associated listeriosis should be considered as a cause of fever during pregnancy and appropriate treatment should be initiated preemptively.[] Although Listeria infections in pregnancy are rare, they should be considered as a cause of fever of unknown origin during pregnancy.[] Pregnancy-related listeriosis increases the risk for fetal and neonatal mortality by approximately 21%.[]

  • Graves Disease

    BACKGROUND: Pregnancy strongly influences the thyroid gland and its function.[] Weight Loss During Pregnancy Fatigue During Pregnancy[] It is well known that morphoea can follow pregnancy and thyroid disease and that CMV is postulated to contribute in some patients.[]

  • Jarisch Herxheimer Reaction

    The proposed pathophysiology of the reaction is described, and complications of this reaction during pregnancy are reviewed.[] Ten of the 20 patients given anti-TNF-alpha Fab had Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions with rigors, as compared with 26 of the 29 control patients (P 0.006).[] The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction in pregnancy is similar in frequency, character, and intensity to that in nonpregnant adults, but gravidas may have increase uterine activity[]

  • Acute Endometritis

    The pregnancy related inflammation often occurs after giving birth (postpartum endometritis), but can also occur during pregnancy.[] […] symptoms include dysuria, frequency and urgency; these occur when the mucosa of the adjacent urinary tract becomes involved. [1] Fever This may be associated with chills and rigors[] Aetiology Pregnancy related—e.g., ascending inflammation of decidua, pelvic inflammatory disease, invasive gynaecologic procedures.[]

  • Puerperal Infection

    Pelvic examination during labor accounted for 78 per cent of the patients and played an important role, while operative obstetrics (30%) and concomitant diseases during pregnancy[] Salpingo-ophritis Manifestations: Fever, rigors and vomiting. Lower abdominal pain, tenderness and rigidity.[] Abstract In a population of 1011 puerperal women, the significance of rectovaginal colonization by group B streptococci during pregnancy with respect to infective puerperal[]

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    Pregnancy decreases MAC Recently, it has been demonstrated that hair color effects MAC with red-haired people requiring about 20% more than others.[] Overdose can also cause stroke (usually hemorrhagic), seizures, muscle rigidity, and hyperthermia ( 40 C); all of these effects may precipitate rhabdomyolysis, which can lead[] “Crystal” and pregnancy—methamphetamine-associated maternal deaths. West J Med. 1995;162:454–7. 26. Stewart JL, Meeker JE.[]

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