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32 Possible Causes for Prepatellar Bursitis, Varicose Veins

  • Bursitis

    Management follows the same principles as prepatellar bursitis.[] veins Direct trauma to the tarsal tunnel Poor biomechanics Most conventional footwear contributes and causes excessive pronation, as the heel and toes are elevated and toes[] bursitis on the inner aspect of the knee, prepatellar bursitis on top of the kneecap), the ischial tuberosity in the buttock (ischial bursitis), or the foot and heel (calcaneal[]

  • Olecranon Bursitis

    Introduction Olecranon and prepatellar bursitis are common conditions.[] Conditions that can cause dystrophic calcinosis cutis may include: Trauma Acne Varicose veins Infections Tumours (pilomatrixoma, cysts, basal cell carcinomas and others) Connective[] The veins themselves can become swollen, painful and distorted – a condition known as varicose veins.[12] Muscle action is needed not only to keep blood flowing through the[]

  • Occupational Disease

    Tenosynovitis and prepatellar bursitis.....[] Vein ( PDF ) Notes Viewing of the above document may require Adobe Acrobat Reader and Asian Font Packs for Acrobat Reader - Chinese Traditional Printed copy of the above[] In cases of tenosynovitis, prepatellar bursitis, and infection or inflammation of the skin, no person is entitled to such compensation unless for 90 days next preceding the[]

  • Prepatellar Bursitis

    This, in turn, causes an infectious form of prepatellar bursitis called septic bursitis.[] Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2011 ; ( 12 ): CD008826 . 12 : Injection sclerotherapy for varicose veins .[] Prepatellar bursitis is an inflammation of the prepatellar bursa at the front of the knee.[]

  • Popliteal Bursitis

    202931000 , 268096008 , 156684006 , 17059001 English Housemaid's knee , prepatellar bursitis , prepatellar bursitis (diagnosis) , Pre-patellar bursitis , Prepatellar bursitis[] Slow flow lesions include popliteal vein varices, superficial varicosities (Fig. 26), lymphatic malformations, mixed venolymphatic malformations, and hemangiomas.[] […] knee, Housemaids knee, Prepatellar bursa disease, bursitis prepatellar, housemaid knee, House-maid's knee, Prepatellar bursitis, Prepatellar bursitis (disorder), bursitis[]

  • Popliteal Aneurysm

    Orthopedic causes include prepatellar bursitis and meniscal cysts.[] Varicose veins on the back of legs.[] We present a case of an asymptomatic popliteal vein aneurysm detected on routine investigation of varicose veins.[]

  • Calcinosis Cutis

    Acute prepatellar and olecranon bursitis. Retrospective observational study in 46 patients. Joint Bone Spine 2011;78:423-4. CrossRefPubMed 6.[] Causes[edit] Calcinosis may result from a variety of causes such as: Trauma to the region Inflammation (bug bites, acne) Varicose veins Infections Tumors (malignant or benign[] Conditions which may cause dystrophic Calcinosis cutis include tissue trauma, Acne, varicose veins, infections, tumors, Connective tissue diseases (acquired and inherited)[]

  • Septic Bursitis

    For example, if your prepatellar bursa is affected, you have prepatellar bursitis.[] *varicose vein *varix *phlebangioma 【静脈瘤症】*varicosis 【静脈瘤様腫脹】*varicosity (褥) 【褥瘡】*decubitus 【褥瘡性潰瘍】*decubital ulcer (塵) 【塵埃感染】*dust infection 【塵埃症】*coniosis 【塵肺[症]】*pneumoconiosis[] Prepatellar bursitis is an inflammation of the prepatellar bursa at the front of the knee.[]

  • Pes Anserine Bursitis

    The most common examples of Bursitis * Prepatellar bursitis, commonly know as housemaid's knee * Infrapatellar bursitis, commonly called clergyman's knee * Trochanteric bursitis[] Varicose popliteal vein, popliteal aneurysm, and secular dilation of the popliteal vein can occasionally be the result of trauma.[] Pes Anserine Bursitis Differential Diagnosis Medial collateral knee ligament injury, Prepatellar Bursitis, Jumper’s Knee, Gout, Pseudo gout, tumors and other knee bursitis[]

  • Heel Bursitis

    PREPATELLAR BURSITIS prepatellar bursitis An inflammation of the bursa anterior to the patella, with accumulation of fluid.[] In many cases, this nerve compression is related to a sprain, fracture or large varicose vein near the heel.[] In many cases, this nerve compression is related to a sprain, fracture or varicose (swollen) vein near the heel.[]

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