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50 Possible Causes for Proctoscopy Abnormal, Tight Anal Sphincter

  • Anal Fissure

    Too much pressure, tight anal sphincter muscles, and poor blood supply to your anus may lead to their development and poor healing.[] Reasons for this can include: Constipation or passing large or hard stools Explosive or ongoing diarrhea Childbirth Less often, having anal sex or putting things into your[]

  • Rectal Stenosis

    Digital rectal examination revealed tight anal stenosis and a spastic anal sphincter that did not relax in response to the digital examination.[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Diagnostic highlights Test Normal Result Abnormality With Condition Explanation Proctoscopy: Endoscopic examination of rectum and anal canal Normal rectal lining: Consistently[]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Rectocele

    A rectocele presents as: Urogenital There may be a bulge or palpable mass in the vagina which may partially obstruct the vaginal canal causing pain during intercourse, vaginal bleeding and difficult labor. There may also be persistent pain in the pelvic cavity which increases during defecation and is slightly relieved[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Colitis Cystica Profunda

    Abstract Colitis cystica profunda is a rare benign disorder of the colon and rectum. The disease is important clinically in that it often mimics malignant processes. The clinical features of 144 cases of colitis cystica profunda reported in the literature are reviewed. Controversies surrounding the cause and[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Rectal Obstruction

    BACKGROUND: Self-expandable metal stents are widely used to treat malignant colorectal obstruction. However, data on clinical outcomes of stent placement for rectal obstruction specifically are lacking. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to investigate the clinical outcomes of self-expandable metal stents in malignant rectal[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Perianal Abscess

    BACKGROUND: Much controversy exists regarding the role of antibiotics in the development of fistula in-ano after incision and drainage. We evaluated the role of postoperative antibiotics in the prevention of fistula in-ano after incision and drainage of perianal abscess. METHODS: In a randomized single blind clinical[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Anorectal Fistula

    AIM: To investigate a new technique of the anorectal fistula treatment with acellular extracellular matrix (AEM). METHODS: Thirty patients with anorectal fistula were treated with AEM. All fistula tracts and primary openings were identified using conventional fistula probe. All tracts were curetted with curet and[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Pseudomembranous Colitis

    Abstract The objective of this study of a retrospective case series was to determine factors associated with survival after surgical intervention in pseudomembranous colitis (PMC). The study was conducted at a tertiary care medical center and comprised 36 patients who underwent colectomy for fulminant PMC from[…][]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Anal Cancer

    proctoscopy – where the inside of your rectum is examined using a hollow tube-like instrument (proctoscope) with a light on the end biopsy – where a small tissue sample is[] Anal cancer is usually diagnosed by a rectal exam and a proctoscopy or sigmoidoscopy .[] Some of the tests you may have include a: sigmoidoscopy – where a thin, flexible tube with a small camera and light is inserted into your bottom to check for any abnormalities[]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter

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