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975 Possible Causes for Progressive Loss of Vision, Retinitis Pigmentosa

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa

    What is Retinitis Pigmentosa? Retinitis Pigmentosa is the name given to a hereditary disease of the retina in the eye.[] A 35-year-old man presented with history of painless, progressive loss of vision in the left eye for the past 7 years.[] Her main complaints were night blindness and progressive loss of vision since the age of 9 years.[]

  • Usher Syndrome Type 1

    In view of the combination of profound hearing loss, vestibular dysfunction, and retinitis pigmentosa in the patients, we classified the disease as USH1.[] Usher syndrome type 3 is characterized by post-lingual, progressive hearing loss, late-onset progressive vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa and variable loss of vestibular[] Abstract Usher syndrome is an autosomal recessive disease associating congenital sensorineural deafness and retinitis pigmentosa.[]

  • Usher Syndrome

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine cone photoreceptor structure in retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and Usher syndrome using confocal and nonconfocal split-detector[] Usher syndrome is a genetic disorder consisting of progressive loss of vision and hearing.[] Here we describe a syndrome in five brothers with the distinctive presentation of late-onset progressive hearing loss, cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa, sperm motility and[]

  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

    Weleber, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Allied Disorders, Retina, 10.1016/B978-1-4557-0737-9.00040-0, (761-835), (2013).[] Most childhood forms of NCL are clinically characterized by progressive loss of vision as well as mental and motor deterioration, epileptic seizures, and premature death,[] Neuro-ophthalmological abnormalities like optic atrophy (50%), macular degeneration (33.3%) and retinitis pigmentosa (8.3%) were seen in two thirds.[]

  • Retinitis

    Retinitis pigmentosa treatment Currently, there is no known cure or standard treatment for retinitis pigmentosa.[] A loss of side vision, or tunnel vision, is also common as RP progresses.[] Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) describes a group of related diseases that tend to run in families and cause a slow but progressive loss of vision.[]

  • Usher Syndrome Type 1J

    Duane retraction syndrome has earlier been reported with various conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, Bardet Biedl syndrome with atypical retinitis pigmentosa, pseudoretinitis[] Usher Syndrome is rare inherited disorder that causes hearing loss and progressive vision loss.[] Usher syndrome is a genetic condition characterised by hearing loss or deafness, the progressive loss of vision and in some cases, vestibular dysfunction.[]

  • Stargardt Macular Degeneration

    , cone-rod dystrophy and a subset of retinitis pigmentosa.[] Loss of photoreceptor cells leads to progressive vision loss in people with Stargardt macular degeneration.[] , Retinitis pigmentosa, Retinitis punctata albescens, Macula dystrophy, patterned AD/Digenic 48 176 RAX2 Cone rod dystrophy AD/AR 5 4 RDH12 Retinitis pigmentosa, Leber congenital[]

  • Retinitis pigmentosa 40

    Abstract Analysis of genetic heterogeneity in 40 kindreds with X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP), with 20 polymorphic markers, showed that significant heterogeneity is[] A loss of side vision, or tunnel vision, also is common as RP progresses.[] The editors have built Retinitis Pigmentosa: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2013 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.[]

  • Usher Syndrome Type 2A

    Back to results Usher syndrome type 2A Retinitis pigmentosa 39 (deletion/duplication analysis on USH2A gene) USH2A Request Now Methodology Deletion/duplication analysis by[] Progressive loss of vision due to retinitis pigmentosa begins in late childhood or adolescence.[] USH2A can cause retinitis pigmentosa (RP) with or without hearing loss.[]

  • Usher Syndrome Type 1D

    Usher syndrome - sensorineural hearing loss and retinitis pigmentosa.[] Progressive loss of vision due to retinitis pigmentosa begins in childhood.[] pigmentosa (RP).[]

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