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337 Possible Causes for Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice, Reticulocytes Increased

  • Nonimmune Hemolysis

    Warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia can present as short episodes of anemia, jaundice or may progress to an intermittent chronic pattern. Spleen may become enlarged.[] […] breakdown Indirect/ unconjugated bilirubin Reticulocytes : loss of erythrocytes reactive increase in erythropoiesis increase in reticulocytes in the peripheral blood In extreme[] […] lactate dehydrogenase (2.5 times higher than the normal range), consumption of haptoglobin ( 10 mg/dL), increased reticulocyte count, positive Coombs test (direct and indirect[]

  • Hereditary Spherocytosis

    Reticulocyte count: Increased Treatment: Splenectomy is indicated for moderate to severe cases, but not mild cases.[] In all patients requiring secondary total splenectomy, increased reticulocyte levels within 2 years indicated hematologic recurrence.[] HS is associated with splenomegaly (commonly), anaemia (variably) with an increased reticulocyte count, and jaundice (occasionally).[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia

    On this treatment, hemoglobin and reticulocytes increased and transfusions became unnecessary.[] The reticulocyte count was always low, in spite of the increased erythropoietic activity. A beta-thalassemia trait inherited from the mother was demonstrated.[] , a moderate increase in unglycosylated (indirect) bilirubin, a low haptoglobin, and a gradual increase in ferritin level.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Leukoerythroblastic Anemia

    An increased absolute number of reticulocytes indicates increased marrow erythropoiesis. u. Rouleaux: red cells in stacks, as coins.[] […] granulocytes from marginal pools PBS- normocytic normochromic initially, polychromasia 5-7 days Reticulocyte count- increased (10-15%) after 5-7 days Platelets- increased[] They are characterized, classically, by an increased reticulocyte count and peripheral evidence of excessive products of red cell destruction, such as an elevated serum lactate[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Bone Metastasis

    Abstract Bone metastases are rare in gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) and data on the clinicopathological profiles are lacking. The purpose of this report was to identify the clinicopathological profiles of this rare clinical setting by evaluating 23 cases, four of which were our own and the additional 19 were[…][]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Colonic Polyp

    Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) are recommended as a means of contraception. Translocation of IUD is a rare and serious complication. Colonic inflammatory mass caused by translocated IUD initially misdiagnosed as a colonic polyp is extremely rare and has not been reported yet. This report presents a case[…][]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • HELLP Syndrome

    […] risk in preeclampsia Counts of 3 meet HELLP criterion Blood smear – evaluate for evidence of microangiopathic hemolysis Helmet cells Burr cells Schistocytes Reticulocyte[] Polychromatic red cells are also seen in blood smears, and increased reticulocyte counts reflect the compensatory release of immature red cells into peripheral blood.[] […] enzymes, and low platelets) can be deemed as having partial HELLP Laboratory Testing CBC Hemoglobin and hematocrit – evaluate for hemolysis Platelets – low platelet counts increase[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Primary Myelofibrosis

    The percentage of reticulocytes is mildly increased but may vary widely in a given case.[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Viral Hepatitis

    Liver impairment is commonly reported in up to 60% of patients who suffer from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Here we report the clinical course and liver pathology in three SARS patients with liver impairment. Three patients who fulfilled the World Health Organization case definition of probable SARS[…][]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice
  • Thalassemia Minor

    […] count Normal May be slightly increased Slightly increased ( Mildly increased (5 - 10%) Mildly increased Hb electrophoresis Normal pattern Decreased amount of Hb A Variable[] […] target cells) Schistocytes Ovalocytes Basophilic stippling Polychromasia Nucleated RBCs Possible hypochromia and microcytosis Codocytes (target cells) Basophilic stippling Reticulocyte[]

    Missing: Progressive or Intermittent Jaundice

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