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66 Possible Causes for Prolonged QT Interval, Ventricular Bigeminy

  • Cardiomyopathy

    Frequent ventricular ectopics and ventricular bigeminy (seen with severe DCM). Ventricular dysrhythmias ( VT / VF ).[] interval prolongation, T wave inversion, abnormal Q waves , nonspecific abnormalities Laboratory: troponin T ; , BNP Echocardiography : apical left ventricular ballooning[] Long-QT Syndrome This condition, probably the most common of the ion channelopathies, is characterized by prolongation of ventricular repolarization and QT interval (corrected[]

  • Hypokalemia

    SCN5A-1103Y was associated with QT interval prolongation (2.7 milliseconds; P .001) and potentiated the effect of hypokalemia on QT interval prolongation (14.6 milliseconds[] QT interval may be seen, which is actually the QU interval with an absent T wave. 1 Severe hypokalemia can also cause a variety of tachyarrhythmias, including ventricular[] Changes include: U waves (most important; represents delayed ventricular repolarization) flattened or inverted T waves depressed ST segment prolonged QT interval Prolonged[]

  • Coronary Artery Disease

    OBJECTIVE: Although severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an important risk factor for atherosclerosis-related diseases including coronary artery disease (CAD), there is no reliable biomarker of CAD risks in patients with OSA. This study aimed to test our hypothesis that circulating autoantibodies against[…][]

  • Ventricular Arrhythmia

    […] rhythm, ventricular bigeminy, ventricular ectopic beats, and ventricular escape rhythm) episodes from Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal.[] , while prolonged QT intervals and coving of the ST-segment are seen in long QT syndrome and Brugada syndrome, respectively.[] In this paper, we report the case of a male adolescent with PHP type 1a who presented with hypocalcemia-induced ventricular extrasystoles (bigeminy, trigeminy) and mild corrected[]

  • Torsades De Pointes

    […] fibrillation 5 years ago, was admitted for catheter ablation of incessant right ventricular outflow tract bigeminy.[] TdP generally occurs in conjunction with a prolonged QT interval (QT) on the electrocardiogram.[] A 12-lead electrocardiogram revealed a new prolonged QT c interval of 619 min.[]

  • Electrolytes Abnormal

    The most common finding on EKG in patients with hypocalcemia is a prolonged QT interval without any further changes.[] A very high Ca level broadens the T wave and may normalize the QT interval. Hypocalcemia prolongs the ST segment and the QT interval.[] QT interval, Torsades de Pointes Etiologies Removal or destruction of parathyroid glands (hypoparathyroidism) Hyperphosphatemia secondary to rhabdomyolysis or renal failure[]

  • Ventricular Bigeminy

    Abstract Ventricular bigeminy may be either overt or concealed.[] After successful ablation recurrent torsades de pointes associated with a prolonged corrected QT (QTc) interval were initiated by polymorphic premature ventricular complexes[] After cardioversion, ECG showed ventricular bigeminy along with prolonged QT interval.[]

  • Long QT Syndrome 13

    The tachyarrhythmias were ventricular bigeminy and supraventricular tachycardia.[] prolong the QT interval, but has no recognized risk of occurrence of TdP.[] […] known whether some older drugs may prolong the QT interval.[]

  • Premature Ventricular Contraction

    Example 3) Ventricular Bigeminy ECG (Example 1) Ventricular Bigeminy ECG (Example 2) Ventricular Bigeminy ECG (Example 3) Ventricular Trigeminy ECG (Example 1) Ventricular[] […] or a prolonged QT interval. children left ventricular function premature ventricular contraction This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.[] Voltage maps were acquired at baseline and after 14 weeks of ventricular bigeminy.[]

  • Hypomagnesemia

    The patient exhibited sinus bradycardia (48 b.p.m.) with intermittent supraventricular contraction on postpartum day 2, intermittent ventricular bigeminy on postpartum day[] EKG shows a prolonged PR and QT interval.[] Her electrocardiogram disclosed typical, prolonged QT interval, ST depression, and U waves.[]

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